[Kuching Festival]

[Hearty Diced Beef/Oyster Mushroom @ STALL 184A Niru]

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Calling all beef lovers! We’re sure you’d agree with us that tender, chewy, and gorgeous looking beefs are aesthetically pleasing and palatable. And that is what you can find at Stall 240 Niru.


Stall 240 serves unbelievably lip-smacking diced beef that makes it easy for you to eat and enjoy while walking around. The juicy, chewy meat is so delicious and rich with flavors of ingredients. You can choose either Normal size for RM18 or Special size for RM28, with a choice of Spicy or Non-spicy flavor.


Apart from Diced Beef, they also serve tasty Oyster Mushroom which has a delicate flavor with a tender texture. For Normal size, it’s RM12. So if you plan to go Kuching Festival tonight, make sure you head to Stall 240 Niru and get yourself a box of delicious Diced Beef and Oyster Mushroom.  


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