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【Teaspoon New Discovery】One Junction Cafe

By Admin on Nov 19, 2016

【Teaspoon New Discovery】One Junction Cafe


Teaspoon discovered this place where you can settle your Breakfast, Lunch, Tea Time, Dinner, and Supper in one place! This heavenly paradise of food is the One Junction Cafe located at Jalan Song. They are open for business as early as 7am until 10.30pm to welcome you for all the meals throughout the day!




One Junction Cafe offers you various local delicacies from Sarawak Laksa, Kampua, and Kompia as breakfast. But what we highly recommend are the Fish Ball Soups.


The highlight of the fish ball is that all artificial flavourings and ingredients are excluded in the process of making it, and yes, by making it I mean that the fish balls are all homemade!



The fish balls are highly chewy and elastic, hence I can understand if it is difficult for you to understand that there are none artificial ingredients involved in the making process. Not only that they are elastic, they are also very juicy and delicious! Mackerel fish and Yellowtail fish is used to make the fishball.


Other than the fishball, they also have dumpling soup made from chicken and prawn meat, which is by the way, huge and satisfying.



The fish ball soup and dumpling soup usually goes along noodles, but you can also order the vermicelli if you don’t feel like having noodles.



If you ever had the famous Fish Ball King in Sekama 10 years ago, then you’ve gotta come here because they are selling the same fishball!



When you have lunch, it’s gotta be rice or it won’t be enough to keep you powered up until the next meal. Or if you’re a fan of noodles, that’s okay because they also have different noodles menu waiting for your palette.


The first that we recommend is the Herbal Duck which is both great to have with noodles or rice.


If you’re not a fan of herbal foods, then you can try the BBQ Chicken Dumpling noodle. The chickens are marinated for 1 whole day before serving to guarantee that all the flavours of the marination is absorbed by the chickens.


If you’re looking for food that are slightly spicy, we recommend the Nasi Lemak as well as the Masak Merah. Just be warned that the Masak Merah is spicyyyyyyy, at least for us anyway.



Tea Time~~

Let it be hot or cold weather, a bowl of ice dessert never fails to be refreshing! The ice desserts here are made similar than that of the famous Kuching ice dessert, Metahon to provide the customers a refreshing and delicious bowl of ice desserts.



Dinner and Supper?

Other than the foods recommended in the Lunch section, you can also have western food as the western food stall will only open at night. For supper they also have satays and burgers waiting for you!


Still can’t decide where to go for your Breakfast, Lunch, Tea Time, Dinner, and Supper? Come to One Junction Cafe and save yourself the hassle!


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