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【Kuching New Flavours】Hi-Tea at Chef at Home?

By Admin on Dec 29, 2016

【Kuching New Flavours】Hi-Tea at Chef at Home?


Chef At Home without doubt has one of the best Western cuisine in Kuching. But now they have launched a new exciting Afternoon Treats menu. Other than utterly delicious, none of the items introduced costs you more than RM10!


They have the Steak Sandwich, Grilled Cheese Sandwich, QuEsadilla, Chicken Pita, Tortilla Pinwheels, and French Toast Sticks!


To be honest, I first thought that these are just too heavy for an afternoon snacks, for Hi-Tea. But when I took a bite of the food served, I realize that I was wrong~ These foods may look heavy, but in actual fact they’re not! Instead you’ll chomp down on all of them before you even noticed it.


Let’s start off with the Steak Sandwich.



The sandwich is basically the kind of sandwich you would expect from an American food truck, just a regular sandwich with pulled beef, or is it? The sandwich had a little twist of using Hanoi Bread, the same bread used to make Vietnamese Banh Mi. Hanoi Bread is not as heavy when compared to the French Bread, hence the twist.


Then there’s the Chicken Pita.



It is called the Crispy Chicken Pita on the menu, in which you will be served a Pita with deep fried chicken. But, you can also order the Grilled Chicken Pita in case you’re not craving for deep fried chicken.


I had the Crispy Chicken Pita the other day and I was mind blown by the taste. The soft and grilled Pita bread matches really well with the fried chicken that has tender and juicy meat, paired together with hint of fresh onion and salsa, the aroma of the dish spikes every time you chew.


The Grilled Sandwich is also phenomenal.



But you should really stay away from this if you’re on a diet. Other than the large amount of butter used to grill the sandwich, the dripping cheeseeee will steer you way off course from your diet plan. Although the sandwich was slightly greasy, but I just can’t get enough of it!


Goodbye~~ My 2017’s resolution to lose some weight~~


Chef at Home also offer you this amazing French Toast Sticks in their new menu.  



This amazing French Toast is made of Hainanese Bread, hence the fluffiness of the bread is guaranteed! The French Toast is topped with Hazelnut Syrup and fruits such as Strawberry, Blueberry, Peach, or whichever fruit that is the freshest in the season. The scent of the hazelnut will hit you like a bus and then the taste will lingers in your mouth~~


Then there’s the Tortilla Pinwheels.



What’s interesting about this dish is the way it is presented. Instead of being presented like how it is shown in the menu, the owner decided to present it like a sushi roll. This way you’ll have less mess to clean and have a more pleasant afternoon tea. Poached chicken breast meat is rolled in the tortilla wraps and topped with cherry tomatoes.


At Chef at Home, you can also find this amazing Brownie.



Unlike conventional brownies, the ones here is not sticky and gooey but are very fluffy, nutty, and light! The brownie also comes along with a scoop of ice cream which makes it perfect for afternoon tea.


What afternoon tea can go well without a cup of great coffee? Chef at home offers you an array of delicious coffee, but I would highly recommend you this very interesting coffee called Coffee on the Rock.


You will be given an empty cup with frozen espresso cubes. Then the waiter will pour a little syrup and then add milk to your empty cup. You will then need to slowly swirl the drink and as you swirl, the aroma of the coffee becomes stronger and stronger.



The first choice for my afternoon tea would usually be cakes and tea or coffee, but after this amazing experience, I’ve found my new favourite spot to have my afternoon tea or my early dinner.


If you’re looking for a place to have meetings or coffee break, Chef at Home also offers you the venue with the Afternoon Treats menu. Do note that this requires pre-booking ya~~


Stop drooling and head over to Chef at Home now~~!  


More Delicious Treats only at Teaspoon!!

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