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【Kuching Food Paradise】Pyramid Dreams

By L3Dah on Jun 12, 2017

Carwash + Food Court + Delicious Foods? I didn’t know this is possible until I tried the foods here at Pyramid Dreams~~






Located at Jalan Benggang (left side to the junction further down the road after Boulevard Shopping Mall), Pyramid Dreams is a food court which opened roughly at the end of last year. The designs of the stalls and the overall look of the food court itself is well thought and chosen to provide a relaxing and comfortable environment for the patrons to dine in.




You could also have your car washed at the carwash in the compound where they have a robotic car wash to clean your cars off any speck of dust while you enjoy your meal at the food court. What kind of foods they have here? Well, A LOT~~~


They have different kinds of foods waiting for you here and it doesn’t matter if you come for breakfast, lunch, tea time, or dinner.


For breakfast, you can choose from the Foochow stall which prepares deliciously cooked Kampua. Since the owner is also from Sibu, the taste of the foods is very authentic~ They also offer you Red Wine Mee Sua with strong red wine taste.





If it’s breakfast, how could there not be Laksa am I right? You could also enjoy Kueh Chap and Curry Noodles here too~






One thing that all Kuchingites is willing to queue for is the noodles from Noodle Descendent. But guess what? You can one that taste exactly the same here!! The Zheng and Noodle here is just as delicious minus the queue! 





For Lunch, start of with this stall selling Chicken Rice that offers you a wide range of choices including Steamed Chicken Rice, Fried Chicken Rice, and Salad Chicken Rice. With the addition of only RM1, you can upgrade your dish to the Special version with extra ingredients added!



Steamed Chicken Rice Special




Fried Chicken Rice Special




Other than that, the same stall also offers homecook style Kacangma for your lunch! By the way, this stall is also open during the night, hence you could also enjoy their delicious rice for dinner!!





Some other delicious rice you could enjoy here at Pyramid Dreams are the Curry Rice from the same stall as the Curry Noodles stall.




Other than that there’s also the Curry Mixed Rice which consists of BBQ Pork, Steamed Chicken, and a fragrant braised pork rinsed with generous curry gravy.




If you would like to enjoy just the braised pork, you could also try out the Braised Pork Rice which has richer taste than the one in the mixed rice.




For something a little bit closer to home, you could try out the Pork Leg Soup with Rice. This bowl of pork leg soup is so well cooked that the taste is similar to most people’s home-cook dish~




For Tea Time, you could try out the Dim Sum stall that offers a wide range of choices such as the Pau, Siew Mai, and more! But, of course you can also have them for breakfast with a cup of Kopi or Kopi O~~




During the night, they have a very strong seafood kitchen in house. The Pyramid Dream Seafood houses an experienced chef that can prepare dishes that will blow your mind.


The first dish that we highly recommend is the Deep Fried Pork Knuckle. The pork knuckle is marinated for a period of time before being deep fried until golden brown to produce this crazy delicious skin all while able to preserve the tenderness of the meat.





The next 3 dish that you should REALLY try is the Signature Twin Prawns that can let you enjoy 2 different flavours in a single prawn dish, the Marmite Pork Ribs which is so juicy and delicious that you cannot stop yourself from having more, and the incredibly crispy and delicious Prawn Sauce Fried Chicken.




Marmite Pork Ribs



Prawn Sauce Fried Chicken




This Gui Fei Tofu is also worth of recommending because it is super smooth and delicious!




Also also, it doesn’t matter whether or not you’re a fan of bitter gourd, because you will love this crispy and delicious Golden Bitter Gourd the same! The bitter gourd is processed to lower the bitterness and then deep fried in a delicious batter, simply delicious!




If you would like to have Western food for dinner, there is also a stall here that serves delicious Chicken Chop and Lamb Chop! The chops here are grilled with a lot of butter, allowing the chops to have a strong aromatic butter fragrance.






Also, there’s this new stall that serves delicious Indonesian Ayam Penyet and Ayam Pansuh! The sambal of the Ayam Penyet is so spicy and so goooood that it will make you sweat but at the same time licking the plate clean. The Ayam Pansuh tastes very authentic and local, the chicken meat smooth and tender, excellent!





Pyramid Dreams is the best place if you want to enjoy your daily meals or even if you’re just looking for a place to hang out. So what are you waiting for? Head over to Pyramid Dreams liaw~~!







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