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Kuching’s Food Paradise: The Big Fan Cafe

By L3Dah on Apr 21, 2017

A big fan, large amount of stalls, and huge satisfaction from eating here. Where? Big Fan Cafe lo~ The humongous fan on top of the kopitiam’s ceiling became so iconic that the place is renamed after it. Seriously, when we say limteh? Dinner? We will get “Big Fan la~”... This happened so much that I’ve honestly forgotten what was the previous name of this place.




The Big Fan Cafe is located at Stutong, at the shoplots behind C121, and it is an iconic place for dinner and supper with lots and lots of different delicious foods to choose from. They have 18 different food stalls offering you more than 100 different types of foods! If you can’t find anything to eat here, I really don’t know if you’ll ever find anything to eat at all... ( ̄o ̄|||)




The Big Fan Cafe is packed with hungry hungry people and sports fans during the night, but since they renamed themselves, they are open for 24 hours! Awesome right?


And let’s dive right into the foods shall we?


Claypot Lamb Curry with Rice


Soft and tender lamb meat coupled with perfectly fragrant curry, it just goes perfectly with the rice…


What about some crispy and delicious Salad Chicken Rice?




Other than the chicken rice, their absolutely fragrant Nasi Lemak is also very nice, very hot, and selling fast~!




Looking for something fresh, light, yet flavourful? Try out this Fish Head Noodle!




Your favourite Kolo Mee, stir fried? You can almost smell the Stir Fried Kolo Mee through your screen!!




Other than Stir Fried Kolo Mee, you can also find delicious Kolo Mee that we all love here! 




Seafood? How can there not be seafood?! So let’s start with this phenomenal Curry Bamboo Clams~ Fresh Bamboo Clams stir fried in the super fragrant curry just makes it more drool inviting than it already is.




Other than that, there’s also this Seafood Special!




Other than that, they also have this unique Coconut Tomyam Seafood Soup. Fresh seafood bathing in rich tomyam soup that carries mild coconut fragrance? How is this even possible?!





You want more seafood? No problem! Try out the Grilled Sambal Ikan Pari and the Grilled Sotong! The seafood is so fresh and delicious that you will need to stop yourself from ordering a second.





Other than the grilled fish and the grilled squid, do not miss this Sambal Grilled Veggies from the same stall. Once the plate is set on your table, you will be able to instantly smell the delicious fragrance of the sambal…




Next we have something that not everyone dares to try, the Frog Leg Porridge. But I assure you, this is one of the dish that you MUST try… You can do it!





For something more common yet delicious, try out their Mixed Grilled that is very affordable and large portion.




Other than local foods, you can also find Penang Fried Kueh Tiaw here at The Big Fan Cafe.




Also from Penang is this delicious Penang Famous Chicken Roll Fried Rice~





Of course! They also have Claypot Rice la~~




The same stall selling this Claypot Rice also have this delicious West Malaysian Pan Mee. Both the dry and the soup version of the pan mee is just as equally as delicious!




If you want to have Curry Rice and Braised Pork Rice, they also can be found here at The Big Fan Cafe! FYI, the stall has been operating for a very long time, hence the quality of the foods is assured.





Even if you are craving for Kueh Chap, The Big Fan Cafe have them right here waiting for you!




IF IF IF this still cannot satisfy you, then we have the trump card, the super beef-y Beef Ball Noodle Special. Chewy beef balls coupled with tangy noodles? Perfection!



Ayam Penyet? Of course they also can be found here! This Ayam Penyet comes with a viciously spicy and delicious chilli sambal, making you sweat and cry tears of happiness as you take each bite~!  




After Ayam Penyet, of course need some Chicken Satay to finish the meal la~~




Here’s all that we managed to show you, but I tell you right now that we are just merely touching the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty PLENTY other foods here waiting for you to explore!


So, what are you waiting for? Jio your kawan and head over to The Big Fan Cafe in godspeed!!


C= C= C= C=┌( `ー´)┘














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