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10 Most Recommended Ice Desserts in Kuching!

By Admin on Apr 30, 2016

It’s hot, then it rains, then it’s hot again.

When the weather is hot, there is one thing left to do…

To have ICE DESSERTS~~~~!


Teaspoon recommends you 10 of the best places to have cooling desserts to calm you down from the HOT weather.



  • IceTube Fried Ice Cream, the first fried ice cream in Kuching! 

After receiving wildly positive responds at Kuching Festival, IceTube Fried Ice Cream is now available at CityOne Megamall and Vivacity Megamall. They are the first to bring Thailand’s Fried Ice Cream to Kuching and add a whole new meaning to Kuchingites’ fried ice cream on top of the deep-fried ice cream.



Location: CityOne Megamall 2nd floor (next to middle escalator), Vivacity Megamall 3rd Floor

Operating Hours: 10am to 10pm



  • Boon Khai Delights, opened for almost 15 years! A taste Kuchingites are accustomed to. 

Opening for almost 15 years, Boon Khai Delights may be the bowl of ice desserts that you’ve been dreaming about. Previously opened near Thompson Corner @ Satok, which then moved to Premier 101, and now SOHO (new shop lots opposite Vivacity), but still the crowd remain loyal and grows even further no matter where they move to. ABC, Special, Cendol, White Lady, Belacan BeeHoon, and many more! Be sure not to miss this…



Location: SOHO West (new shop lots through the road at the traffic light opposite Vivacity Megamall)

Operating Hours: 12pm to 6pm daily (sometimes OFF on Wednesday)



  • Cendol Mami, combinations of flavours in a bowl of cendol that will blow your mind! 

When you browse through the menu, you will think to yourself “Waahhhhh… for real?” Let me just point out a few and you be the judge – Cendol Durian, Cendol Pulut, and Cendol Tapai. However, worry not non-risk takers… they also have Cendol Biasa and some less bizarre flavours. Both equally DELICIOUSSSS…   



Location: Next to Masjid Mahmudi at Kubah Ria
Operating Hours: 11.00am to 6.50pm Daily



  • COCOPURI, coconut based ice cream with multiple unique flavours 

When traditionally churned and handmade coconut ice cream is twisted with some modern flavours, it becomes COCOPURI. Enjoy coconut based ice cream with exciting flavours such as Gula Apong, Teh C Special, Bubur ChaCha and more!



Location: Behind Matang Metrocity McDonalds Drive-through

Operating Hours: 11am to 10pm (Monday OFF)



  • Delicia Ice Cream and Dessert, when Walls ice cream meets CREATIVITY!         

You’ll be stunned with the wide ranges of menu when you reach the place, and you’ll be even more surprised that I tell you now all those items are created based on creativity. Delicia Ice Cream and Desserts combines different elements and flavours into unique items from scratch, allowing the customers to have a taste of the best ice cream while hiding from the HOT sun.



Location: No. 58, India Street

Operating Hours: 9am to 5pm daily



  • Gelato Italiano, Italian gelato that melts your heart

Rich and Creamy homemade Italian ice cream, with some all-time favourite of customers being Dark Chocolate, Mama Cookies, Matcha, Berry, and many more flavours that are subject to change every week. The gelato will definitely melt your heart. Also, gelato ice creams contain less fat thus you can eat with no burden!


Location: Ground Floor (facing the main road), ST3

Operating Hours: 2.30pm to 10.30pm Daily



  • Dot Waffles and Desserts Cafe, Belgian Waffles topped with ice cream that will leave you craving for more

One of the best Belgian Waffle in town topped with ice cream and optional toppings such as strawberries, syrup, Oreo, and more. Hang out here and chill off the heat with your friends.



Location: ST3, Next to The Library

Operating Hours: 2pm to 12am midnight daily



  • Sunny Hill Ice Cream, ice cream all Kuchingites love                       

The soft-served ice cream all Kuchingites love. Cone ice cream, ice cream bun, sundae, banana split... OMG! Must have one now!



Location: Sunny Hill and new branch at shop lots near e-Mart Batu Kawa

Operating Hours Sunny Hill branch: Sunday to Thursday (8am to 11pm), Friday & Saturday OFF

Operating Hours  e-Mart branch: Monday to Thursday (11am to 6pm), Friday (11am to 6.30pm), Sunday (8.30am to 6pm), Saturday OFF



  • Hilxon’s 21 – First Smoky Claypot Ice Cream!

The Smoky Claypot Ice Cream, it chills you just by looking at it am I right? Right? Right! Sit back and relax and be amazed by this pot of ice cream.

*pssst, they also have FREE Wifi and power socket… and… you can get 1 cup of drinks for free after the 10th… shhhhh…*




Location: Vivacity Megamall, in front of TGV

Operating Hours: 10am to 10pm



  • Frostbite, yoghurt ice cream to wash the heat away. 

Located on the ground floor of Vivacity Megamall, you may not even notice it. But hey, all the more reason to try right?



Location: Vivacity Megamall Lower Ground Floor

Operating Hours: 10am to 10pm



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** The order of appearance does not carry any representation in ranking

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