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【Kuching Hidden Gem】Authentic European Cuisine with 50 Years Experience?! Razzmatazz Bistro, Pub & Lounge!

By L3Dah on May 30, 2017

Razzmatazz Bistro, Pub & Lounge might be the best place for your next gathering! Located at Tabuan Tranquility, near the Giant Hypermarket, Razzmatazz is operated by Frieda and Chef George which by the way, equipped with a jaw-dropping 50 years of experience in the culinary field.


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Throughout his culinary journey, Chef George left his mark at many interesting places including England, Spain, US, Africa, and Saudi Arabia. He was the Executive Pastry Chef of the The South African Chefs Association before moving to Saudi Arabia to serve as the Executive Chef of Saudi Arabian Airlines Catering. Under his leadership was 300 chefs responsible for the foods of 30 over airlines! If you don’t find this impressive, I don’t know what will.


At that time, the Saudi Arabian government changed the retirement rules and they did not renew his work permit, therefore he decided to come to Kuching to enjoy his retirement in this beautiful city. However with that much years of experience in the culinary field, it’s really difficult for Chef George to do nothing. It was then that he decided to start a food business here in Kuching.




But make no mistake, my dear foodies, to him “This is not a job, this is a passion"


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Getting back to the restaurant, Razzmatazz offers Kuchingites a choice of authentic European cuisine from a rustic-feeling bistro and an ice cold beer and a wide array of alcohol at a relaxing pub and lounge next to the bistro.



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This unique concept of having a both a bistro and a pub under one roof may be one reason why there are so many happy regulars that could not resist themselves from visiting Razzmatazz. But I can assure you that the main reason is definitely the foods!


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First up is theGrill Smoke Pork Chopthat carries along with it a smoky fragrance. The pork chop is smoked to perfection that the meat is still tender and very juicy~! The deliciously smoked pork chop comes with an interesting side, the Roesti Potatoes. The potatoes have similar taste to hash browns, but of course this one tastes much much more better~~


Grill Smoke Pork Chop (5)

Grill Smoke Pork Chop (8)

Grill Smoke Pork Chop Slice (1)

Grill Smoke Pork Chop Slice (4)


Other than pork chop, theGrilled Pork Neck Steakis also worth mentioning. All the juiciness of the pork neck is locked within after the grilling. Without even taking a bite, you can hear the the steak screaming ‘juiciness’ all over your face.


Grilled Pork Neck Steak (8)

Grilled Pork Neck Steak (4)


While we’re at it, be sure not to miss thisGrilled Pork Belly Ribs with Apple Sauce. The thin slices of pork belly perfectly grilled to be just right without the slightest hint of it being overcooked.


Grilled Pork Belly Ribs with Apple Sauce (7)

Grilled Pork Belly Ribs with Apple Sauce (8)


We might’ve been too carried away with the array of delicious pork on the menu, so here’s a「Osso Bucco (Braised Beef Shank) 」. The beef is braised for 4 hours until the meat is so tender that it almost fall off the bone.  


Osso Bucco (Braised Beef Shank) (5)

Osso Bucco (Braised Beef Shank) (7)


Other than meats, this「Squid Ink Aglio Seafood Spaghetti」is also highly recommended. The pasta with the deep stunning black hue carries along with it a subtle briny flavour which will leave you craving for MORE~~~ (ノ≧∀≦)ノ


Squid Ink Aglio Seafood Spaghetti (3)


One other popular dish here at Razzmatazz is the「Caesar Salad Bacon」and it's easy to understand why. The salad is topped with generous amount of bacon and salad dressings that when mixed together will bring you the very definition of satisfaction. (─‿‿─)♡


Caesar Salad Bacon (2)

Caesar Salad Bacon (5)


Did someone say desserts? Of course! How could you not have desserts here at Razzmatazz?


At one point in his amazing career, Chef George was once rejected when he tried to apply as a contestant for an pastry competition that only accepts participants through invitation. The reason for rejecting his submission was because the organizing committee would like to have him as one of the judges. Yes! You read that right. They rejected his application as an contestant and invited him to be the JUDGE of the competition. After that he judged multiple competition throughout the world…




Which is why you ABSOLUTELY need to try out theChef’s Signature 」. The「Chef’s Signature 」comes with a Chocolate Brandy Mousse, Almond Parfait, and a Mango Sorbet.


 chef signature (1)

chef signature (2) 

chef signature (5)


I will not tell you how heavenly it taste because I REALLY want you to try out this incredible dessert.


Lastly we have theHomemade Chocolate Truffles」. It comes with 3 flavours and we went for the Dark Chocolate Truffles with that incredible rich-creamy-sweet-irresistible chocolaty taste. If you’re a chocolate lover, this is a must to complete your meal.


Homemade Chocolate Truffles (11)

Homemade Chocolate Truffles (9)


Dear Kuching Foodies, a place this good with a chef this good is within your reach. You seriously need to try out the foods and the desserts at Razzmatazz if you have not already. So, ajak your friends, grab your car keys, and head over to Razzmatazz Bistro, Pub & Lounge, NOW~~!


Grill Smoke Pork Chop (2)

Grilled Pork Belly Ribs with Apple Sauce (1)

Grilled Pork Belly Ribs with Apple Sauce (9)

Grilled Pork Neck Steak (2)

Grilled Pork Neck Steak (3)

Homemade Chocolate Truffles (1)

Homemade Chocolate Truffles (6)

Osso Bucco (Braised Beef Shank) (3)

Osso Bucco (Braised Beef Shank) (2)

Squid Ink Aglio Seafood Spaghetti (5)

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z all (6)

z all (9)

z env (10)

z env (11)

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z env (7)

chef signature (3)

chef signature (4)

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