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【Kuching Hidden Gem】Delicious Western and Local Delights in a Serene Garden!

By L3Dah on Jul 13, 2017

Hidden inside Jalan Semaba is a serene restaurant that charmed countless customers with their delicious western cuisines and the relaxing environment produced by the sound of the rustling leaves and occasional breeze of the wind. Other than western cuisines, this restaurant also serves delicious chinese cuisine too!


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That’s right, at【缘份Yuan Garden】you can enjoy both western and chinese delights all while enjoying the relaxing ambience and creating cherishable memories with your loved ones.


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【缘份Yuan Garden】started their operation as early as 4 years ago, and it was not long before it become a favourite spot for many of the local neighbourhood to become their regulars for a delicious, affordable, and large portion meal with their families. So, how could a true foodie like you not try out the foods here?


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Anyway, let’s begin by introducing you some of the foods that you must try when you’re here!


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First up is their most popular dish, the Double Cheezyland. This dish comes with a deep fried chicken chop topped with generous amount of cheese as the hero of this dish. And what’s fascinating about this dish is that it also comes with fruit salad, fries, mushroom soup, and garlic bread. This is almost like a All-in-One combo that got you covered from the starters, to mains, and desserts.


Double Cheezyland (18)

Double Cheezyland (25)

Double Cheezyland (27)


Next is their delicious and huge burgerssss~~~ The burgers are so big that you can hardly take one full bite out of it. The burger buns, soft and lightly toasted, the burger patties, marinated using their secret mix and the patties itself are very thick and satisfying!


2 of their most recommended burgers are the Double Cheezy Grilled Chicken Burger and the Double Cheezy Fried Fish Burger that is made using fresh Tilapia. These 2 delicious burgers are some of their new items on the menu too~~


Double Cheezy Grilled Chicken Burger

Chicken Burger (4)

Chicken Burger (5)

Chicken Burger (9)


Double Cheezy Fried Fish Burger

Fish Burger (1)

Fish Burger (5)

Fish Burger (6)


Other than the western foods, their chinese delights are also delicious, and... mysterious? When the dish is served, the huge round ball bathing in a claypot with soup totally hooked our curiosity. Turns out, this round ball is a giant piece of fish ball, the King Fish Ball. The fish ball is made from a mix of fresh mackerel and pork, one bite and your mouth will be overflown with the juiciness of the fish ball!


King Fish Ball (10)

King Fish Ball (7)

King Fish Ball (9)


Noodles? How about Hin Hua Traditional Noodle?! The Hin Hua Noodle here are no simple dish. The recipe of the dish was passed down from generation to generation, in fact, the owners are the 5th generation to make this noodle in the family. Authenticity? 100%!! The dish itself is very light and refreshing, a bowl all to yourself is not a problem at all!


Heng Hua Noodle (1)

Heng Hua Noodle (6)


Lastly, we really highly recommend the Sze Chuan Stew Lamb with Noodles. As a big fan of lamb myself, the tenderness and the juiciness of this stew lamb is enough to make me another of their regular. The dish is mildly sour, hence allowing the attractiveness of the dish to another level~~!!! ♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡


Stew Lamb Noodle (12)

Stew Lamb Noodle (2)

Stew Lamb Noodle (6)

Stew Lamb Noodle (9)


If you haven’t try out their foods before, you seriously gotta start “Jio” your friends and families over to【缘份Yuan Garden】~~~


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