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【Kuching Hidden Gem】Kuching’s First Southeast Asian Cuisine in a Kopitiam?

By L3Dah on Jul 25, 2017

The best thing that can happen to us foodies is to find a place with lots of different delicious foods under one roof~! Better yet, to find delicious cuisines from different countries in the Southeast Asian in one kopitiam~~!!


You can find delicious Thai Cuisines, Indonesian Cuisines, and delicious Malaysian local cuisines at【66 Young Cafe】! This kopitiam that houses an array of Southeast Asian Cuisines is located at Jalan Chan Chin Ann, right next to the Chong Choon Cafe.


The owner himself handpicked the types of Southeast Asian foods in order to provide the best and to provide more choices of foods for their customers to try on. More importantly is that for the types and the amount of foods and ingredients in each bowl, the food are all not expensive at all!


【Malaysian Cuisines】


First thing first, since we’re talking about delicious Malaysian cuisines, the first on the list is definitely our all time favourite, Sarawak Laksa la~~


This Sarawak Laksa is prepared by the Manoi Laksa that used to operate at Jalan Song that charmed the hearts of many with their thick and creamy laksa broth and their fresh prawns topped on their laksa~~ The thick and creamy laksa broth is mildly spicy, light ‘santan’ flavour that is not overpowering at all. Simply SATISFYING~~



z (3)


Other than Laksa, 【66 Young Cafe】also offers delicious Nasi Lemak too~ Their nasi lemak has this very fragrant coconut flavour attached strongly to the rice, the sambal perfectly mixed to provide the extra layer of deliciousness!! The spicy sambal is slightly overpowering but you just can’t stop yourself from having another!! (≧∀≦)


Nasi Lemak (1)

Nasi Lemak (2)

Nasi Lemak (4)

Nasi Lemak (5)


Eh, eh.. Let’s not forget our Kuchingites’ signature Kolo Mee by Ah Liang Kolo Mee!


Kolo Mee (1)

Kolo Mee (2)


For lunch, they also have this Economic Fast Food Stall that offers more than 10 different choices daily~ All the dishes are some of your favourite local dishes that will just drop your jaw.


z (8) 

fast food (20)

fast food (3)

fast food (4)

fast food (5)

fast food (11)

fast food (9)


If you want to have another all time Kuchingites’ favourite, the chicken rice, they of course also have la~~


【Indonesian Cuisines】


Authentic Indonesian foods can also be found here at【66 Young Cafe】. The cook himself worked in Indonesian for a few years, and brought back with him the best of the local Indonesian dishes for Kuchingites to enjoy~


You can choose from their Beef Noodle and their Mutton Noodle that carries with them a rich and flavourful soup. The soup is stewed for a long time in order to extract all the best flavours, delivered to your mouth. Other than the soup, the food ingredients such as the beef, beef tendons, beef tripe, and the lamb is carefully picked and delicately prepared to bring the best and the most delicious noodles for you.


Indon Beef (1)

Indon etc (1)

Indon Beef (2)

Indon etc (4)

Indon etc (5)

Indon etc (7)

Indon etc (8)

Indon etc (9)


【Thailand Cuisine】


Yep, that’s right. You can also find delicious Thai food here! What’s the first thing that come into your mind when we say Thai food? I bet it’s definitely Tomyam, and you’re correct.


The Tomyam prepared here at this humble little stall will blow your tastebuds and your mind! The harmony between the spiciness and the deliciousness of the dish will make you crazy in deciding whether you want to resist the spiciness or lick the bowl clean! You can choose to enjoy the Tomyam with Beehoon or Rice, both equally matched in satisfaction!


thai tomyam rice (1)

thai tomyam rice (2)

Thai Tomyam Beehoon (1)

Thai Tomyam Beehoon (6)



Next we have this Thai Fried Noodle? What’s so special you might ask… well, the Thai Fried Noodle is similar to Mamak style fried noodle, but with an extra layer of peanut fragrance, the salty and the sweet taste combines to bring you a dish that you’ve never tried before.


Thai Noodle (1)

Thai Noodle (6)


Then there’s also the Thai Fried Beehoon. This fried beehoon may look simple, but the taste will also drop your jaw as far as it can. It was the first time for us to try something like this as well~~! The fried beehoon, other than it’s obvious stir fried fragrance is this strong and exciting fragrance of Basil leaves~


Thai Beehoon (2)


The all new【66 Young Cafe】is equipped with tons of delicious foods and is waiting for the arrival of you and your loved ones. Why wait? Ajak as many people as you can, then you can try ALL of the different foods that they have prepared here just for you~!!


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fast food (1)

fast food (12)

fast food (15)

fast food (17)

fast food (7)

fast food (19)


z (7)


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thai tomyam rice (3) 

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