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【Happy Hour DEALS with the BEST View at The Limelight Rooftop Lounge】

By Jing Yi on Aug 9, 2017

The Limelight Rooftop Lounge overlooks Kuching city on the top floor of LimeTree Hotel. This is the perfect spot for your after-work hangouts! The bar opens at 5pm, when Happy Hour promptly begins until 8pm.


Beer Heineken (3)

Beer Guinness (3)

Beer Heineken (5)


Group (24)


The highlight of the Limelight Rooftop Lounge is the view it offers. There is a panoramic view of the waterfront and you can even Mount Santubong in the distance! When the time comes for sun down, there’s also a spectacular sunset to soak in. After dark, the city lights up along with the overhead fairy lights. The open-air lounge also provides for a cool breeze.  If you prefer having sports entertainment, there is a TV that gives you that option. There is also soft music playing in the background the whole time. Overall, this makes for a great spot to chill and relax with friends or family! Or if you're here for a date, the candlelight makes for a romantic atmosphere.


Beer (36)

Scenery (11)

Scenery (9)

Surroundings (7)

Scenery (3)


I’d say the best time to visit is during Happy Hour (before 8pm)! Not only for the sunset, but there are some good deals on Drinks that you have to grab.

If you want to grab a few beers:

  • Guinness 2 glasses for RM25
  • Heineken 4 glasses for RM50
  • Tiger & Carlsberg 6 glasses for RM60


Beer Guinness (2)

Beer Heineken (4)

Beer (59)

Beer (39)


Cocktails, if beer isn’t for you:

Any 2 for RM30

  • Gin & Tonic
  • Caipiroska

Caipiroiska (1)

  • Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise (4)

  • Blue Margherita



  • Tuak Rice Wine — 2 shots for RM9 | 6 shots for RM25
  • Camino Gold Tequila — 2 shots for RM28 | 6 shots for RM68


Wanna much on something while you drink, get the Light Bites.

  • Crispy Potato Samosas — RM8.50
  • Golden French Fries — RM6.50 (Regular), RM12.00 (Large)
  • Oriental Easy Noodles (non-spicy) — RM8.00
  • Plain Jane Chicken Wings (2pc) — RM8.00

Chicken Wings (2)

Chicken Wings

Samosa (3)

Samosa (7)


If you are up for something more filling, you can order from the Main Menu before 9.30PM on Mondays to Saturdays and 9.00PM for Sundays. The most recommended item is this burger! Look at the size of that, and it comes with fries and coleslaw too!


Burger (10)

Burger (23)

Burger (5)

Burger (19)


The Limelight Rooftop Lounge fits up to 25 people, so they have plenty of room to fit you and your friends. There is a special table with benches made out of Kayu Belian that can fit up to 12 people!  Last order for both Bites and Drinks are 45 minutes before closing, so that’s 11.15PM, except on Sundays where the lounge closes at 9PM.


Surroundings (3)

Surroundings (4)

Surroundings (2)

Surroundings (10)

Beer Heineken (6)

Group (4)


So why not after work, ride the elevator up to the rooftop with your pals and grab a drink or a bite. Kick back, relax and enjoy the view at the Limelight Rooftop Lounge today!


Group (22)

Burger (12)

Caipiroiska (7)

Blue Margherita (2)

Scenery (8)

Surroundings (12)

Scenery (10)

Scenery (18)

Group (16)

Scenery (4)

Burger (27)

Group (23)

Burger (2)

Beer Heineken (2)


Additionally, if you have any enquiries regarding event and dining packages, do give them a call at +6016-8893489.


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