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【Drink Up!「Elegantly Red」For All Your Wine Needs】

By Jing Yi on Aug 15, 2017

Whatever you are having for lunch, dinner, or at a party, you can never go wrong with a good glass of wine. There are so many choices you can pick from after all! 【Elegantly Red】 is here to provide you with any type of wine you could possibly want.


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Located in Soho 188 West, 【Elegantly Red】 is a wine company that doesn’t discriminate. They don’t just have wine, they have everything from whiskey, tequila to soju. But of course, they are mainly specialized in wine! There are Old World Wines (from Spain, France, Italy, etc.) and New World Wines (Chile, South Africa, New Zealand, etc.). You can get bottles which are dry, sweet, white, red, rosé, dessert, sparkling, fine and so much more!


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There are over 100 varieties! So how’s a beginner supposed to know what to drink?


If you are new to this, it’s recommended that you get something that is Semi-Sweet. The「Espiritu de Chile」is a good choice for this. If you have a more developed palette, you can for the Dry ones. Don’t know whether to get the white or the red? The red, either Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot or Syrah is good with red meat, chicken and cheese. If you are having seafood, you should get the white, for example, Sauvignon Blanc.


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If you want a more light-bodied selection, you can get the Spanish「Gran Castillo」instead. It’s a classic choice for Old World wine.


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Castillo red copy

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Other than the classic red and whites, for the ladies, the Tempranillo Rosé which has a floral taste and soft pink hue is a favorite!


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For more seasoned wine drinkers, there’s the「Aresti」with selections such as the Codigo de Familia 380 and the Family Collection.


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Additionally, they offer wine-tasting services! They have a wine-dispensing machine that allows you taste-test up a large number of bottles at a time.  If you are having special occasions like a wedding dinner and need to get your wine in bulk, you could even do so for free! There is even a special price + free delivery to outlet services and hotels in the Kuching area in the Kuching area if you order up to more than 6 boxes!


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Some tips for wine newbies: red wine should be kept at 12℃ - 14℃ while white wine should be kept at 4℃ - 8℃. Also, you should open your bottle of wine at least 30 minutes before serving to air it out.


Get any bottle and you’ll be offered membership for free! As a member, you will be entitled to 3% - 15% discount on different selections. No matter what type of alcoholic drink you want, you can get it at Elegantly Red. They are open 2.00pm to 9.30pm from Tuesday to Sunday! So stop by to grab a few bottles today!


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