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【10th Mile Hidden Gem】Happy Land Western Food

By Jing Yi on Aug 20, 2017

【Happy Land Catering】is the perfect place for to you to getaway from the busy city life and relax with a huge and delicious Western Food meal! (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ With portions this big and taste this good, the price is really super worth it~


All (12)

All (15)

Chicken wings (9)

All (17)

Drinks (20)

Storefront (3)


【Happy Land Catering】is located in 10th Mile, next to Giant. The chef has had more than a decade of experience from cooking in Singapore before coming home to Kuching! And it really shows in the taste of the food here. The prices are incredibly affordable for something like this. And the portion for all the dishes are huge, check out the photos later


The environment here is comfortable and laidback, with soft lighting and music. Definitely a good chill-out spot for friends and family! (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡


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The restaurant has been around for awhile now but it’s now launched a new menu. There are so many great dishes but today, we’re gonna share with you some of our favorites!


This「Crispy Cornflake Chicken」for just RM16.90 only is the size of your face, yep. The coating of the chicken is super crunchy! This is because, they added cornflakes (─‿‿─)♡ The chicken itself is not dry at all, it’s actually super juicy! They also have a specially made sauce that tastes great with the chicken. It also includes side dishes of french fries and coleslaw.


Fried chicken chop (4)

Fried chicken chop (5)

Fried chicken chop (7)

Fried chicken chop


The creamy「Seafood Pasta」is another one of our favorites. Topped with 2 big mussels and lots of prawns, the pasta also has a garlicky tomato-based sauce. The pasta itself is springy and not clumpy. It really is super worth it for just RM16.90!


Pasta (1)

Pasta (18)

Pasta (11)


Treat yourself to a「Grilled Lamb Chop」for just RM27.90! The lamb chop here is not chewy or too fatty! The big piece of juicy meat is served with mashed potatoes and salad. The black pepper sauce is nice as both a dip for the meat and as gravy for the mashed potatoes.


Lamb chop (6)

Lamb chop (8)

Lamb chop (4)

Lamb chop (12)


The「Rodeo Wings」is the one thing we recommend you must try! The chicken wings are super fragrant and is drenched with a special sweet and sour taste. Every mouthful will take you to your happy land~


Chicken wings (1)

Chicken wings (4)

Chicken wings (6)


Other dishes you should give a try to are the Happy Land BBQ Chicken and Garden Salad, but take your time to check the menu to pick out what you’d like to try! We are sure that there are more delicious treats waiting to be discovered for yourself ♡~(〃∀〃)~♡


Grilled chicken (5)

Grilled chicken (8)

Salad (10)

Salad (8)


You should also try out their specially mixed drinks to go with your meal.


Drinks (10)


Happy Land Mixed Drinks

Happy Land Blue Lychee Soda

Gold Kiwifruit Soda

Iced Mango Soda


Drinks (13)

Drinks (14)

Drinks (15)


The new【Happy Land Catering】menu introduces many more main dishes, combo sets and even kids’ meals! Take note that the food is non-halal.



Grilled chicken (1)

Lamb chop (3)

Lamb chop (1)

 Pasta (15)

Pasta (6)

Salad (9)

 Chicken wings (7)

Drinks (19)

Storefront (2)


Additionally, if you’re looking for a private room for a celebration, they have a space for rent that fits 20 to 30 people. For the food, it’s RM25 per head for 6 dishes and a fruit plate.  The room got karaoke de oh~ Want to book now? Make a call to 016-8587864 or 016-3479929.


Surroundings (booking) (1)

Surroundings (booking) (2)

Surroundings (booking) (3)

Surroundings (booking) (4)



Since they are open every evening 5pm to 11pm, come relax anyday and get a great meal at 【Happy Land Catering】.


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