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【Jim’s Recipe】Cakes with the Taste of Tradition

By Jing Yi on Sep 5, 2017

If you love the traditional taste of Yellow Cake or, better known as “Egg Cake”, you are in luck! 【Jim’s Recipe】, famous in West Malaysia for its Taiwanese taste of tradition is here in Kuching. Now in Icom Square, the crowds have been going crazy for it so it’s been selling out so fast! Make sure you grab some for yourself too~


If the lines are long, then the food is good, do you agree?! So when you arrive and see the line, don’t be shocked~ All cakes are fresh out of the oven when you buy them. The only questions you need to ask yourself is: What flavour cake should I get and how many?


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Original Traditional Yellow Cake」RM12.70

So a good traditional yellow cake definitely has to have that sweet fragrance we all love, right? Yeah, they have it here. Also, the cake has a nice crust on the outside and is soft on the inside~


Ori (3)

Ori (2)

Ori (1)

Cutting (2)


「Cheese Flavoured Yellow Cake」RM18

If you love cheese, omg, you have to try this! Just looking at it will make your mouth water. There are not one, but TWO layers of rich cheese in the cake, plus a layer of cheese dusting on it! The cheesy flavour with the pillowy cake is definitely a great combination~


Cheese (4)

Cheese (2)

Cutting (3)


「Chocolate Cake」RM15

The first of their new flavours, the chocolate cake is worth a try! The chocolate is not too sweet but still has a great cocoa taste. There are even chocolate chunks at the bottom of the cake. When you eat it warm, it’s so satisfying!


Chocolate (5)

Chocolate (1)

Chocolate (2)

Chocolate (3)


「Pandan Cake」RM15

Next, they also have a new Pandan flavoured cake. As someone who loved pandan chiffon cakes growing up, this was a really special treat! The softness of the cake paired with the fragrance of the pandan and the light sweetness was very fulfilling indeed~


All the cakes do not contain any artificial colouring or flavouring, or preservatives! So if you want authentic, delicious and healthy cakes, you should visit Jim’s Recipe. Take note that the Pandan and Chocolate flavoured cakes are limited in quantity so be sure to grab them quick. Really, come join the hype and you will understand why~


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Cutting (6)

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