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【Kuching Hidden Gem】AUTHENTIC West Malaysian Flavours

By Jing Yi on Sep 22, 2017

I grew up in Johor and Selangor before I came to Kuching in my early 20’s. I’ve been here quite a few years and I would say that while I really love the food in Kuching, sometimes I get homesick and miss the food back home. So here comes my personal saviour, right here in Kuching. 【Verinice Cafe】located in SoHo, is definitely a hidden gem. The boss says people like me, who are from West Malaysia, drive up to an hour just to get a meal here.


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Platter (4) copy

Prawns (5) copy

Salted egg chicken (4) copySoup clam (10)

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The boss spent years working in KL and Singapore, even working under master chefs in famous banquet restaurants for over a decade, before returning home to open a restaurant in Petanak, then now here. The taste of the food here has so many layers of flavours you know that they put in lots of care and work into it. Taking up a corner lot, 【Verinice Cafe】is spacy and cooling so it’s super comfortable for you to have a meal here, no matter lunch or dinner.



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Let me tell you what are my best picks from the menu!


First is their new and improved「Signature Cheesy Butter Prawn」! Their Signature Butter Prawns is a sweet and milky delicacy to begin with. The prawns are huge and so incredibly fresh. But for all cheese lovers, the amount and quality of cheese they put in here is NO JOKE! The dish comes with a small basket of deep-fried mantou so you can soak up all that cheesy sauce~


Prawns (8) copy

Prawns (17) copy

Prawns (15) copy

Prawns (4) copy

Prawns (9) copy


Salted egg dishes have been super popular lately, but where can you get something that’s really good? Here, they have this 「Signature Salted Egg Chicken」which has a flavour and texture that hits all the right spots~ Salty and sweet to taste, with crunchy but tender chicken and salted egg bits, it’s an amazingly satisfying dish!


Salted egg chicken copy

Salted egg chicken (3) copy

Salted egg chicken (5) copy


Want a gigantic platter with variety that you can share? Get this「Harvest Platter」. It’s not just your typical platter because the 3 dishes served: Honey Pineapple Pork Rib, Cheesy Baked Scallops and Crispy Taro Chicken, together are super luxurious and delicious. TheHoney Pineapple Pork Ribis also available for separate order, with crispy, juicy and tart ribs. The most unique thing on this platter though is theCrispy Taro Chicken! The fragrant taro is deep-fried with juicy chicken chunks till crispy all around and I really couldn’t stop eating them~


Platter handheld

Platter (22) copy

Platter (18) copy

Platter (17) copy

Platter (16) copy

Pineapple ribs (2) copy

Platter (12) copy

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Platter handheld (6) copy


If you’re a seafood lover, the「Superior Clam Soup」would be an excellent choice. It has super flavourful broth from huge and fresh clams, ginger, lemongrass and wolfberries. The taste of the sea is sweet and salty, and complemented well with the other ingredients! 


Soup clam (10)

Soup clam (3)

Soup clam (8)

Soup clam (6)


Other dishes that you are gonna regret not having are the「Old-Style Taro Pork Belly」,「Rich Guy Fried Rice」and「Shanghai-Style Mixed Lotus」. The「Rich Guy Fried Rice」is exactly what it sounds like -- upgraded fried rice yoh~ What’s inside? The rice is fried with all the usual fixings plus SCALLOPS, CRABMEAT and PRAWNS! It’s also topped with not just fluffy scrambled eggs but also fish roe~ All the ingredients fresh, the fried rice is super fragrant from the flavours of the sea that doesn’t overpower each other.


Kou rou (5) copy

Kou rou (7) copy

Kou rou (10) copy

Fried rice (12) copy

Fried rice (3) copy

Zap cai (3) copy

Zap cai (4) copy

Zap cai (2) copy



Whether you’re someone like me who wants to have a taste of home, or a local who wants to try out something new, this is the place for you to go. I can guarantee you, it will not just be a one-time visit either! For a great-tasting Chinese meal in a comfortable setting, this has got to be one of my personal favorites. With everything from seafood to fried rice and huge platters, you will be spoiled for choices!


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Fried rice (7) copy

Fried rice (12) copy

Pineapple ribs (1) copyPlatter (6) copy

Platter (4) copy

Platter (13) copy

Prawns (17) copy

Soup clam (1)

Zap cai (6) copy

Prawns (7) copy


The restaurant rests on Tuesdays, otherwise they are open from 10am to 2.30pm and 5pm to 10pm. Start making plans with your friends and family to have a very nice meal at【Verinice】today!


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