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【Soup for the Soul】3 Feng Cafe

By Jing Yi on Sep 26, 2017

A good bowl of soup is something that reminds most of us of home.3 Feng Cafe’s menu offers some of the most heart-warming broths I’ve tasted here in Kuching, from their「Bak Kut Teh」to their「Pan Mee」. The owners are from Klang, so you know what they serve is authentically Klang/KL style!


Bak kut teh (10)

Hokkien mee (5)

Pan mee soup (4)

Pan mee (2)


In the middle of BDC Commercial Center, 3 Feng is located down a small, quiet street and has all the rustic charms of a small kopitiam, with mismatched furniture and old-timey customers. It's a comfortable place for you to hang out for hours! Just order up something to eat, kick back and relax.


Storefront (6)

Storefront (8)

Storefront (7)


Not sure where to begin? Their「Bak Kut Teh」is the first thing you should try. We all know where in Malaysia Bak Kut Teh is most famous, right? Of course, it’s Klang! And this Bak Kut Teh definitely has the taste of Klang. Have no idea what that’s supposed to taste like? Just try! It has a thick broth that makes you go “ahhh” after taking a sip, and meat that’s super tender and infused with the flavours of the broth. Coming with a bowl of fragrant scallion rice, it’s just RM10!


Bak kut teh (6)

Bak kut teh (2)

Bak kut teh (1)

Bak kut teh (5)


This next thing is so hard to find in Kuching! In fact, it’s my first time having it here. The「KL Hokkien Mee」here is a fragrant and flavourful dish with thick noodles stewed in a dark sauce and pork cracklings! The key to a good Hokkien Mee is in the fragrance and slightly viscous texture. The noodles are a little soft on the inside but still chewy enough. For such a big plate, it’s only RM 6! Seriously, the price is too worth it. But guess what, for just RM 9, you can get even better flavour by adding prawns! With prawns, the Hokkien Mee is even sweeter~ If you’re someone who’s never even had KL Hokkien Mee, grab your car keys and go!


Hokkien mee (6)


Hokkien mee (7)

Hokkien mee (1)


If you’ve got a group of friends who are Pan Mee lovers, it’s time to tag them~ Here, the「Pan Mee」, no matter dry or soup, is authentically KL style.  For the「Pan Mee Soup」, the broth is cooked the traditional way with ikan bilis as the main ingredient for 3 to 4 hours! For the「Dry Pan Mee」, the noodles are mixed with special soy sauce that’s really fragrant. The best part is that it comes with a specially made dried chilli that takes almost 5 hours to prepare, OMG. Check out the photos to see how much ingredients are included in just one bowl. Do you believe me when I say it’s RM5 only? A lot of work goes into each bowl of the Pan Mee, from making the noodles from scratch, to the broth and chilli, so they are only selling 100 bowls everyday! Don’t miss out something so special~


Pan mee (5)

Pan mee soup (3)

Pan mee (3)

Pan mee (4)

Pan mee soup (2)

Pan mee soup (6)

Pan mee soup (8)


Other delicious dishes you should check out are the「Fishball & Meatball Tang Hoon」which has fishballs and meatballs that are homemade, and the「Stir-fried Sweet Cabbage」which is not found anywhere else in Kuching like this. We can guarantee, there is a uniqueness to the taste of the food here that you’ll definitely want to check out!


Tang hoon (1)

Tang hoon (2)

Cabbage (2)

Cabbage (1)


I would say, food that gives a homey feel or reminds us of our families comes from the hours we know is put into making them. Here in3 Feng Cafe, that’s exactly how they prepare the food, with care and love, without cutting any corners! Either「Bak Kut Teh」,「Pan Mee」,「KL Hokkien Mee」or their fishballs and meatballs, all of them are delicious, big-portioned and totally worth the try.


Soup (3)


Bak kut teh (4)

Bak kut teh (9)

Hokkien mee (8)

Pan mee (2)

Pan mee (4)

Pan mee soup (6)

Pan mee soup (9)

Tang hoon (3)

Storefront (3)

Storefront (4)

Storefront (9)


Open from 5am to 8pm each day except Thursdays, you can come for breakfast, lunch or dinner and get your fill here~


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