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【Kuching Intercultural Mooncake Festival】FRESH Avocado+++ Juice!

By Jing Yi on Sep 28, 2017

Juice lovers, look here! At this year’s Kuching Intercultural Mooncake Festival, there’s this super delicious juice you have got to try~ Where can you find it? The stall 68 Fruit Juice is near the Kuching Hainan Association of Carpenter Street. You’ll be able to spot it with 5 huge green banners starring all their different drinks.



2 milo





The main character in these juices is the Avocado. This creamy fruit makes the juices super smooth~ With the different combinations, all of the juices have the natural sweetness of fruits (+ milo, in one case!) which is very satisfying. The「Fresh Avocado Juice」is a creamy, lightly flavoured drink on its own. If you want more of a cocoa sweetness, you can get the「Avocado Milo」! For your viewing pleasure and to get a blend of more flavours, you can try the double-layered「Dragon Fruit + Avocado」, the three-layered「Mango + Dragon Fruit + Avocado」or the FOUR-layered「Angmo Durian + Mango + Dragon Fruit + Avocado」~ You can taste how fresh and fragrant the fruits are!


Avocado (3)

Avocado dragonfruit (3)

Avocado dragonfruit mango (2)

angmo durian


And here’s the deal: no matter how many layers you’re getting, it’s all RM10 ONLY! Avocados are known for their antioxidant purposes too, so you’re definitely treating yourself right by getting one of these. It’s more than worth it.


All (1)

All (3)

All (5)

Avocado dragonfruit mango (10)


From 28th September to 4th October, 5pm to 11pm, you can get these healthy + delicious avocado juices here at this stall 68 Fruit Juice near Kuching Hainan Association, Carpenter Street. If you’re here for the Mooncake Festival, just grab one before you take a walk around~


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