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【Hotel Lunch Only From RM3?!】Oriental Park Cafe @ Kuching Park Hotel

By Ashley Sim May Yee on Nov 6, 2017

If you love having yummy and economical fast food for lunch then Oriental Park Cafe is the place to be. Located in Kuching Park Hotel, Oriental Park Cafe is halal and they open daily from 7am - 10pm (last order 9.45pm). They serve variety types of economy fast food everyday about 14 - 16 Chinese or Malay dishes, but usually a combination of both. However, they only serve their economy fast food from Monday to Friday (11am - 2pm). So make sure to be there 11am as their dishes usually finish fast. Also, these economy fast food have a price range starting from RM3 and above. When we were there, to name a few, there were Kung Pao Sotong, Curry Chicken, Manichai, Fried Chicken, Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet, Sweet & Sour Chicken, Mayonnaise Fish Fillet, Mixed Vegetables, Stir-Fried Loofah, and Stir-Fried Brinjal. Check out the photos below! Sure will make you lao nua! ԅ(♡﹃♡ԅ)


DSC_0141 copy

DSC_0140 copy

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Besides selling economy fast food, Oriental Park Cafe also serves À la carte dishes daily. The 【Curry Chicken】, 【Ayam Masak Merah】, and 【Beef Rendang】 are a MUST EAT I tell you! These 3 dishes are their best selling dishes. Confirm you SYIOK until cannot SYIOK once you’ve tasted them! ヾ(‘∀`=ヽ)※.;,゜☆


DSC_0252 copy

DSC_0258 copy


This Malay style【Curry Chicken】is rich in santan and spices. It will give you that good curry kick when you bite into the meat together with the curry! (▰˘◡˘▰)


DSC_0247 copy

DSC_0261 copy


Besides the Curry Chicken, you MUST try their very appetizing 【Ayam Masak Merah】 too. It is sweet and spicy at the same time which makes the flavors in the sauce tantalizing. ԅ(º﹃ºԅ)


DSC_0242 copy

DSC_0262 copy


Intensely flavourful and rich, this traditional Malay 【Beef Rendang】 is another best selling dish. A lot of people tapao this ohhh~ ლ(´ڡ`ლ)


DSC_0246 copy

DSC_0264 copy


You can call to book these À la carte dishes ahead too. Just contact their reservation number @ 082-239888. So what are you waiting for?! Head to Oriental Park Cafe now for their economical fast food or the mouthwatering À la carte dishes.


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