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The latest feature of Teaspoon, NEWS FEED is here!

By Admin on Jul 1, 2016

Excluding coffee shops (a.k.a. kopitiams) there are over 400 restaurants in Kuching! Can you believe that? I mean seriously, who has the money and time to try each and every one of them? Also, what if we did try each and every one of them and the food is not to our liking? Then it would be a waste of money…


Hey, what if I say there is someone else who can try them for you? That they can upload the picture of the food and share with you their thoughts and review of that food, wouldn’t that be great?


Teaspoon’s latest feature, NEWS FEED… is here.


The addition of News Feed allows you to give reviews and ratings to any food and restaurants like a professional critic or, you can choose to just share your humble thoughts and dining experience with your followers.


Don’t just eat and forget about it, SHARE the food with everyone! Upload the food, tag the restaurant and everyone will be able to see your professional review of the food!


If you’re not interested to view all food post in the NEWS FEED, just go to any restaurant page in the app and you can find all related NEWS FEED post of that restaurant!



You can also earn reputation points with each likes on your posts, and gain followers to further increase your popularity!


Stand tall and be proud of yourself as you collect the unique badges by completing achievements!

pssst… pssst… you might even get a unique reward if you reached a specific amount of badges. shhhh~~~ Keep this between us… shhhh~~~~


If you’re still reading up to this point, you’re in luck because here comes the good news.

In conjunction to the launching of the News Feed feature and the Teaspoon Facebook page reaching 7000 likes, we are giving out RM 20 daily for the “Best Post of the Day”! Yes, that’s right. We will be giving RM 20 daily, and there will be no limits of participation. As long as you write and upload a post in News Feed, you have a chance to win every single day!

You can write about any food and restaurants, including kopitiams in the News Feed, and all of them are eligible to participate in the contest! However, be sure to read and follow the Rules and Regulations~~~


Rules and Regulations:

  1. Throughout the period of contest, any and every post in News Feed will be taken into consideration for the daily “Best Post of the Day” contest.
  2. The user that wins the “Best Post of The Day” will get RM20 cash!
  3. Every News Feed post of the day will be eligible to enter the daily contest
    1. User can post more than one post and all posts will be eligible, BUT, an act of spam will not be tolerated.
    2. Spam posts will be deleted and be removed from the News Feed
    3. Users marked with spam will not be able to participate for the contest for the next 7 days. Meaning, the user can still post on News Feed, but the posts will not be taken into consideration.
  4. The winner for each day will be selected according to the following criteria:
    1. Quality of Photo
    2. Quality of Post
  5. Only ONE winner will be chosen each day, if there are 2 or more posts of very high quality, the winner will be determined by:
    1. Creativity
    2. Authenticity
    3. Reliability
  6. Winners of the contest are allowed to participate for the contest every day, there is no limit of winning to any participants
  7. This contest is only valid for the time allocated (2nd to 31st July)