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The First COC Themed Cafe in Kuching is now OPEN!!!!

By Admin on Jul 20, 2016

Congratulations to Clans One Café for its Grand Opening today! We wish you success in your business! Huat ah!!


Clash of Clans (COC) is definitely one of the mobile phone games installed in most of the phones of your friends and families, and most probably is that you yourself have it in your mobile phone. The sense of accomplishment when you completely destroy your opponent’s base is what makes it so special and continue to motivate players to continue upgrading their base and troops.


Being a die-hard fan themselves, the owners of Clash One Café after more than half a year of planning finally opened a COC themed café in Kuching!


The generous owners of Clash One Café led our taste buds through a roller coaster ride with their deliciously prepared foods. The chef prepared 5 signature dishes for us to try, namely Baked Mentai Salmon, Macaronni Carbonara, Baked BBQ Lamb Chop, Baked Herb Half Chicken, and Roasted 3 Layers Pork. We were also served with a rather mind blowing fruit juice that have their own specialty.


The first dish served is the Baked Mentai Salmon. Baked with a layer of cheese on top of the salmon, the flesh of the salmon is still soft and juicy despite the baking process. The chef explained that only fresh salmon can produce such juiciness even after being baked.


The pasta of this restaurant is actually the same pasta from the stall Secret Pasta from 101 previously. The chef brings all the cooks from the stall to the restaurant in order to prepare the pasta that is well celebrated by visitors of 101. The chef prepared a Macaronni Carbonara that is topped with a piece of raw egg yolk. The egg yolk serves to increase the creamy texture of the carbonara.


The Baked BBQ Lamb Chop is marinated several hours prior to cooking hence you might notice that the lamb chop will be pinkish at certain areas. Through the baking process and a lot of skills, the lamb is kept soft and juicy. This is definitely the most recommended dish among all the dishes served.


The chef then served us the Baked Herb Half Chicken made of young chicken that is smaller in comparison to the typical sized chicken. Therefore, worry not that you will not be able to finish it on your own. The skin of the chicken is crispy and traces of the herbs can be seen, the flesh is prepared exactly as the other main course served in this café, juicy and soft!


The chef also prepared a side dish for us to taste, the Roasted 3 Layers Pork. The pork is marinated half a day prior to preparation. The crispiness of the skin and the tenderness of the meat will leave you craving for more!


Every single dishes prepared is honestly, DELICIOUSSSSS!! Without an amazing set of skills and a store of experience, there is no way such superb food can be prepared. What are you waiting for? Be there one minute late and all the food will be sold out because this café is definitely the most popular theme café in town now!

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