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What to eat in Kuching Fest 2016? Part 1!

By Admin on Jul 27, 2016

Every year, we will definitely not miss the Kuching Festival's Food Fair. But when we arrived, we will all ask, “So many things, WHAT TO EAT oooo??” . Or you will notice some of your friends and family saying “Aiyo~~ Kuching Festival Food Fair every year the same one la~~~”. Other than seeing which has the longest queue, or is most viral on social media, we REALLY don’t know what to eat.

But! This year will be different! Why?


Teaspoon will bring you some of the most anticipated foods to try out at the Food Fair this year! Enough words!! Time for some pictures to do the ‘talking’!


Stall 7 - Osome 



Stall 31 - Bake By Piosa


Stall 51B - Mr. and Mrs. Fruits Ice Cream

Fruits Ice Cream!!! *screams internally*



Stall 63 - Thailand Fried Ice Cream Rolls

Thailand Fried Ice Cream + Japanese Crepe?????





Stall 65 - GE Sausages 

Germany Sausages!!!


Stall 69 - Gelato Italiano


Stall 75 - EggTart Workshop

The famous cheese tart now added with a new twist? 


Stall 125A - Seafood Ball


Stall 137 - East Coast


They also have fresh oysters, I mean... FRESH oysters!! Fresh oysters that are fed with oxygen even after imported to ensure that it is 100% guaranteed FRESH! 



Stall 141A - Miss Y

The colourful rainbow themed cafe, Miss Y will also be at Kuching Fest to brighten up your day! 

Panini Sandwich


Rose Cupcake


170B - TheOri'DreamCone

The doughnuts are made into a cone shape, coated with cinnamon sugar, filled with ice cream (that comes in three flavours), and then offer a few different, delicious toppings like chocolate sauce, whipping cream, honey drizzle and even homemade brownies. 


Stall 210 -  Paul's Fish and Duck

Do not worry if its worth the money or not, because this fellow right here is made of Seabass and not cheap Dory fish! 

English Style Fish and Chips


Smoked Duck


Stall 231b - WaffleChick

Who says Waffle must be filled with jam and butter? 


Stall 209B - Panda 

More cheese!! Cheese Cheese Cheese!!! Hooray!!! 

Fried Potato Cheese Ball


Creamy Cottage Pie


Lo Mai Kai


Stall 211A - Razzmatazz



ONE MORE. Are you ready?

Stall 179B - The Biggest Challenge #eatshit

There's no picture for the food for this one. All we know is they are selling POOP CAKE! Yes.... Poop Cake. If you're curious, you know what to do...

So, are you up for the Biggest Challenge? 



These are just a preview, so, of course, we have not tried them. But YOU can help us! Prove us right, prove us wrong! Just post any food you’ve tried in our Teaspoon’s News Feed.

Don’t stop at just eating and forget about it! Share with all of us on what you ate, be the judge of the food and the stall. YOU have the power to decide the TOP 10 stalls of Kuching Festival’s Food Fair 2016. And who knows? You might even WIN some money with each News Feed posts.