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【Ho Chiak @ Happy Rich Kopitiam!】

By Ashley Sim May Yee on Jul 24, 2018

We’re glad to finally have a kopitiam like ‘Happy Rich Kopitiam’ in the heart of the city. If you’ve been to their first branch which is located behind Emart Matang, then we’re sure you know about their pretty impressive array of food stalls. From the appetizing Big Prawn Laksa, to the sinful Nasi Banjir, savoury Pumpkin Cha Kueh, tasty Filipino food, and more, YOU JUST GOTTA TRY THEM ALL at their new branch that is located at Jalan Ban Hock (behind Hong Leong Bank).


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It’s no secret that Kuchingites live for good food, and breakfast is of course the most important meal of the day. Happy Rich Kopitiam opens early in the morning so it is definitely an ideal spot to have breakfast if you’re working in town area. And what do we majority Kuchingites usually eat for breakfast before starting our day? KOLO MEE la of course! A simple dish that’s oh so flavourful and known to be one of Sarawakians most favourite and popular dish. So if you’re craving for Kolo Mee, then order from Mr Lim’s ‘Kolo Mee/Seafood Mee’ stall. Delightfully springy and well-seasoned, the Kolo Mee is served with a generous amount of noodles, accompanied with char siew slices and topped with crispy fried onions and a pinch of chopped spring onions for garnishing and extra fragrance. Simply aromatic from its pork oil taste, it is definitely a sinful and taste worthy dish! Aside from the classic Kolo Mee, if you want something more special, you can try out the Special Kolo Mee w/ Fried Chicken on top! Crispy and flavourful chicken + springy and well-seasoned noodles = PERFECT COMBINATION!


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“Breakfast of the Gods…” – the late Anthony Bourdain on Sarawak Laksa. So what’s special about the laksa here in Happy Rich Kopitiam? Well, good news for prawn lovers because this bowl of laksa is served with succulent big prawns and fish! Wanna enhance the flavour of your soup even more? Then mixed in the special homemade sambal sauce by the owner himself, Mr Ngui, who took more than 5 hours to complete the sambal-making process. We confirm you will find yourself slurping to the very last drop! Besides the Big Prawn Laksa, you have to try the Bi Hun Ikan Soup too! The hearty bowl is chock-full with bi hun, tomatoes, and thick slabs of fresh fish drenched in a clear broth. Tingle in the homemade chili sauce too for a dose of heat.


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What greater pleasure than kicking off your day with a thick toast, a staple dish that seems to have no boundary turning into a subtle breakfast or delectable dessert. So if you’re a toast person, then try out this Kaya Butter Thick Toast from ‘Baba’s Toast’. Loaded with kaya and butter, each bite brings a party on your palate and it's best consumed when warm. And if you want something more nutritious and filling, order the Egg & Toast Set. Wash it down with a cup of freshly-brewed local coffee and you have a perfect start to the day.


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Besides ‘Baba’s Toast’, the owner, Ivan, also has another stall in Happy Rich Kopitiam that calls ‘Big Baba’ which sells Nyonya food. If you’re a big fan of Kacangma, then try out the Kacangma w/ Bario Black Rice. The tender, juicy chicken pieces are flavoured up by gravy prepared by a combination of Kacangma/Motherwort traditional herb, rice wine, ginger, and other condiments. Aside from Kacangma, you have to try the Assam Fish too. You’ll love the generous amount of gravy that’s sour, spicy and sweet in this dish, and the succulent fish pieces are infused with the stew’s strong flavours. Make sure to have lots of rice with this dish - you'll need it!


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What’s the one thing that everyone can eat during lunch time? The good old famous chicken rice of course! The chicken rice here comes in either steamed or roasted. It is best paired with the soy sauce and chilli sauce as it enhances the flavour of the dish! Tender and juicy, the steamed chicken is mouth-watering and worth coming back for! What’s more, Lee, the owner of ‘Roasted/Hainan Chicken Rice’ stall also sells Nasi Kari Ayam Banjir which is a MUST-TRY! This dish is served with long beans, cabbage, fried egg, steamed chicken, and drenched with tasty lip-smacking curry gravy.


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Din Bian Hu or in Foochow dialect “Diang Miang Ngu” is one of Sibu's specialties besides Kampua Mee and Kompia. And you can have it here at Happy Rich Kopitiam. Just look at how packed the bowl is with fresh and delicious ingredients such as black fungus, fish balls, minced meat, and more! Besides Din Bian Hu, ‘Foochow Special’ also sells Cao Cai Bi Hun. This noodle dish is pleasantly sour and the dashes of Foochow red wine gives the soup an extra warm feeling that would be perfect during a rainy day. Definitely a taste of tradition in a bowl.


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Craving for Fried Cook dishes for lunch? Then come fix your cravings here at Happy Rich Kopitiam! This ‘Fried Cook’ stall serves an array of delicious fried cook dishes such as the Kampung Fried Rice and Mixed Vege Rice that you have to try. Simple yet packed full of flavour, this plate of fried rice comes with a nice depth of smokiness from the wok and topped with fried egg. Pop the egg, and let the creamy yolk drench the aromatic fried rice. As for the Mixed Vege Rice, the veges are mixed together with the well-seasoned sauce which makes it aromatic and flavourful.


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Prefer to have pork dishes for lunch? Come try the Braised Pork Rice and Curry Pork Rice here at Happy Rich Kopitiam! This stall’s Braised Pork will definitely melt in your mouth as the pork is braised in a gorgeous thick sweet & savory sauce. So addictive you can’t stop eating! Plus, if you’re a curry lover, then you have to try their Curry Pork Rice too! Tender, juicy meat with spicy and flavourful curry gravy definitely makes it a perfect lunch meal.


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Cha Kueh, the perfect afternoon tea dish. This ‘Cha Kueh’ stall in Happy Rich Kopitiam serves different kinds of Cha Kueh flavours. You can go for the Salty/Sweet/Pumpkin/Mix. We recommend you their Pumpkin flavoured Cha Kueh which definitely will make you want more once you’ve tasted it. Take one bite and you will feel the plethora of flavours bursting in your mouth! And if you prefer to try the Salty/Sweet flavoured Cha Kueh, then go for the Mix one.


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You do not have to go all the way to the Philippines to try Filipino food. Here at Happy Rich Kopitiam, ‘Myboo Sari-Sari Food’ serves authentic delicious Filipino dishes. You have to try the Chicken Tocilog and Chicken Porridge. Perfect for lunch, the Chicken Tocilog is really aromatic and the meat is well-seasoned. But if you want something more healthy, then go for the Chicken Porridge. A comfort food perfect to have on a rainy day.


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Aside from all these stalls that sell an array of delicious food, Happy Rich Kopitiam also serves plenty of refreshing drinks and desserts too!



So come on over to Happy Rich Kopitiam today with your family/friends/colleagues and try all of the food they serve! We guarantee you will feel happy and rich when eating in this kopitiam!  


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