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What to eat in Kuching Festival?? PART 2!!

By Admin on Jul 29, 2016

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In Part 1, we showed  you some of the interesting and most anticipated food for the Food Fair, are you ready for more? YES? GOOD!! Because here comes PART 2!!!

(For PART 1, Download Teaspoon - Food and Rewards mobile apps and go to the Discovery section at the bottom of the home page.) 


Stall 50B - Fly Chicken


Korean Fried Chicken with 2 flavours, Korean Hot Sauce for the spicy lovers and Homemade Orange Sauce for a twist of sweet and sour! 



Stall 125B - Nasi Lemak Ice Cream

We went to Cocopuri and tried their exciting flavours, but there's a new player in town? Nasi Lemak Ice Cream? Aiyoyo.... I'm so curious that I must try!



You should too!


Stall 183 - Puff Workshop


Stall 201 - Golden Dumpling

Some of you will surely remember this stall from the previous years. So what more need I say? XD


Stall 206 - Neëw Jagung

Is there better ways to enjoy Corn? The lady-boss of Neëw Jagung believes that she found it. Yay or Nay? 

Yay or Nay? The only way to find out is of course to try out!!! And post reviews in our Teaspoon Mobile App's News Feed to share with everyone else!!


You can even order a "Suprise Me" that is completely random and up to the lady-boss' mood. 


Stall 206A - Smokii

Smokii.... Smoke..... Smoke Snacks!!!!! 



Stall 208B - 黄金福袋

If directly translated, it says "Golden Pouch". And what they are selling is pretty close to 'gold', why? 

They... are.. selling.. dumpling that contains pork, vege.. and SALMON!!!! You can also choose to have another 2 flavours, OYSTER and CHEESE!!!


Stall 212 - Beer Cheese Soup

There's plenty of mixture between 2 elements this year isn't it? 


I mean, Beer + Cheese + Soup? Woolala~~ Exciting!!!!


Stall 214A - Choux Ice Cream

A 100% handmade Pate à Choux without any addition of preservatives, filled with ice cream! Yum yum~


Stall 222 - 夜光冰淇淋

Glow in the dark ice cream????


Stall 225 - Taiwan Duck Shop


Stall 22 - Big Foo Chow BBQ Fish

The Fishes are kept alive hence it will be totally odourless! You even have 7 flavours to choose. Original, authentic Fook Chow flavour, Soy Bean paste, Nyonya flavour, Pansoh flavour, Ginger flavour, and deep fried.





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