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By Ashley Sim May Yee on Sep 4, 2018

We’re sure many of you would crave for desserts on a hot and humid day. Bone chilling and mouth-watering desserts to be exact, is what many would crave to cool off or simply just for the fun of it. So, if the usual ice kacang or cendol or probably even the typical McDonald’s Sundae Cone just does not do it for you anymore, then why not give a go to bingsu?


Kakigori Thai Tea


Living up to its name, Troots Café is a rare gem in Kuching’s buzzing F&B industry. Located at Trinity Hub, Troots boasts a minimalistic interior and exterior that manages to inevitably draws in your attention. Definitely an instagram-worthy café that will complement your OOTD shots! Aside from its gorgeous white interior, Troots also has picture perfect food presentations.


Troots Dessert Cafe

Troots Logo

Troots interior (5)

Troots interior (2)

Troots interior

Troots interior (3)

Troots interior (4)


Troots offers a wide range of Asian countries’ desserts like from Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and more. Some of Troots desserts include shaved ice such as Bingsu, Paoping, and Kakigori. This cold-dessert spot will help you cool down from the sweltering heat and stuffy nights as Troots definitely raised the bar with its ultra fine shaved ice that puts even snow to shame.



Originated from Korea, Bingsu is more of like the Korean version of our Malaysian ice kacang. This shaved ice dessert is usually topped with sweet toppings such as chopped fruits, condensed milk, fruit syrup, and other variety of ingredients. At Troots, you can choose from an array of delicious bingsu flavors, such as Injeomi, Oreo Cheese Cake, Strawberry Cheese Cake, Black Sesame, and more. What intrigued us the most is the Mango Cheese Cake Bingsu, which is one of Troots recommended desserts. Snow-like ice topped with nicely arranged sweet & juicy Thailand Gold Lily Mangoes, and combined with homemade cheese ice milk inside will definitely have your taste buds jumping. Pour the mango sauce all over the bingsu and feel the burst of refreshing mango flavor until your last scoop!


Mango Cheesecake Bingsu

Mango Cheesecake Bingsu (2)

Oreo Cheesecake Bingsu


If you are a fan of Taiwan desserts, then you should try Troots’s famous Paoping. This shaved ice dessert consists of a large mound of ice shavings with various toppings that you can mixed with. What’s special about Troots’s paoping is the design that looks like a cute monster. Just look at the googly monster eyes! Make sure you snap a few photos before devouring the paoping monster. There are different kinds of flavors for you to choose from, such as Green Tea, Strawberry, Pink Milk, and more. Here we have the Yoghurt Charcoal Paoping. You have the choice to choose any 2 toppings to be mixed together with the paoping. And if you want extra flavor, pour the milk all over the baobing and enjoy the yoghurt charcoal flavored shaved ice melting in your mouth.


Yoghurt Charcoal Paoping

Yoghurt Charcoal Paoping (3)

Yoghurt Charcoal Paoping (2)


Besides shaved ice, Troots is also known for its Toasts. What we recommend is the Thailand Thai Tea Toast. Imagine yourself biting into the thick, soft, fluffy and buttery toast with 2 scoops of homemade Thai tea ice cream, drizzled with Thai tea sauce. Now that is what we call a heavenly dessert. Just one bite and you will be addicted, just like us. Flavors ranged from Thai Tea Lava Black Toast, Shibuya Chocolate, Shibuya Matcha, and Shibuya Honey.


Thailand Thai Tea Toast

Thailand Thai Tea Toast (2)


What’s more, they have plenty of other desserts as well such as Tiramisu served in small steamer baskets! How unique is that? Flavors ranged from Coco, Green Tea, and Taro. Plus, you have to try their mouth-watering waffles and refreshing colorful beverages.


Coco Tiramisu

Coco Tiramisu (2)

Green Thai Tea, Rainbow, Red Thai Tea


So come on over to Troots Café with your family and friends this weekend to try the special and delicious desserts. We know you would want to.


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