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[ A Pastry Heaven @ MANNA Pâtisserie, Boulangerie & Café]

By Ashley Sim May Yee on Feb 11, 2019

What’s better than a hot, aromatic cup of freshly brewed coffee? A delectable pastry to go with it, of course! And there is no better pastry than the simple, flaky, gloriously buttery croissant. That’s what you’ll be expecting from MANNA Pâtisserie, Boulangerie & Café.


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MANNA Pâtisserie was established in 2017 by a young coffee aficionado named Bryan. He is not only the founder, but also MANNA’s head chef who graduated from a renowned school called Le Cordon Bleu in Tokyo. And in pursuing his culinary dream, Chef Bryan decided to return to his hometown to open up a pastry and bakery café of his own. Located at Jalan Song, MANNA Pâtisserie is pretty much a pastry heaven. Once you walk in, you can see an array of delicious croissants in the pastry display cases which are nicely displayed for customers to self-pick themselves. Customers usually leave this charming space smiling from ear to ear or swaggering bagful of croissants like a kid out from a candy store. Plus, MANNA provides a comfortable and cozy vibe, both in pictures and reality. The natural sunlight shining in from the glass windows will be perfect for your #OOTD Instagram pictures.



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A good croissant is a marvel and despite the humble appearance, it requires adept skills, precise baking heat, and quality ingredients to champ a buttery, flaky and golden hue carapace as well as a pillowy body. Sweet or savoury, it offers the best of both worlds. Accompanying your early morning cuppa, casual lunch fix or gobble-on-the-go, this crescent-shaped puff pastry delivers gleefully. And it’s only RM4.90 at MANNA! So cheap and keeps your tummy happy!


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Among the most sought-after dish is their Croissant Set Meal as it never fails to fill your tummy and heart with glee. For RM15.90, the sandwich is served with Coffee or Tea. Flavors ranged from Chicken Ham, Beef Bacon, Tuna, and Egg Mayo. The sandwich is deftly done to a flaky crust and spongy core then generously stuffed with delicious ingredients such as cheese, white sauce, lettuce, and more. Salivating now aren’t you?


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Another one of Chef Bryan’s recommendation would be the Japan Premium. For only RM18.90, the pastry burger is served with Sakura Peach Mojito. There are two flavors available, Charcoal Pastry and Matcha Pastry. And you have the selection of choosing their special homemade Beef Patty or Chicken Patty. For the chicken patty, it is fried with bread crumbs which makes it tender on the inside with a crispy crust. As for their beef patty, it is homemade using Australian minced beef. What makes the pastry burgers more delicious is that they added white sauce with cheese on top of the patties. Sinking your teeth in these hearty pastry burgers would definitely keep you going all day long as the flavors really step out to the fore. Overall, it is both filling and delicious!



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So come on over to MANNA Pâtisserie, Boulangerie & Café today with your family & friends to try their delicious and heartwarming croissants.


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MANNA Pâtisserie, Boulangerie & Café
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