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[WOW! Hidden Gem w/ Delicious Food!] @ The Bikalan

By Ashley Sim May Yee on Apr 9, 2019

Located 21 km away from Kuching city, Siniawan Old Town Night Market takes place every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 6pm to 11pm. Today Siniawan is not only a historical town, but a beautiful place to spend the evening eating and being merry with family and friends. The street is lined with picturesque old wooden shophouses, and friendly food vendors selling various mouth-watering dishes by the street, illuminated by Chinese lanterns.


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As you walk to the center of Siniawan, you’ll notice on the river side of the street sits ‘The Bikalan’, a lively bar/restaurant housed in a charming 1920’s Belian shophouse. Due to its unique design, The Bikalan is described as “a cross between an english pub & a wild west saloon” by locals and tourists.


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The Bikalan a.k.a The Bik offers a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere making it the perfect venue for locals and tourists to eat, drink, and watch sports on TV while cheering on their favorite football team together. They even have live bands happening at The Bik. And if you’re feeling generous, ring the bell on the pillar and treat everyone in the house!


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You can even sit and drink on the big deck that overlooks the Sarawak River while watching sampans ferrying locals back and forth across the river. The tauke (Andy) and taukenio (Grace), are wonderful hosts who will welcome anyone in as one of their own. Plus, their local team are also very attentive and friendly.


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Besides serving a selection of fair-priced cold beers, wines, and tuaks, The Bik also serves a wide variety of delicious Chinese, Western, and Bidayuh dishes. Pictured below are what Andy and Grace recommend.


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[Bikalan Special Pork Burger w Cheese & Fries]

This pork burger is one of The Bikalan’s best sellers; likely due to the fact you get a thick and juicy homemade pork patty. Complemented by a slice of cheese, veggies, and coated with treacly sauce, it’s packed with umami flavors.


Bikalan Special Pork Burger w Cheese & Fries copy


[Bikalan Special Stewed Pork]

Juicy, meaty and lip-smackingly satisfying, this aromatic dish is a MUST TRY. One mouthful and you will taste a plethora of flavors bursting in your mouth!


Bikalan Special Stewed Pork copy


[Borneo Mixed Vege]

The rich hue, strong aroma, and irresistible taste with a little kick from some chilis of this Borneo Mixed Vege is the perfect dish to complement your meat dishes.


Borneo Mixed Vege copy


[Deep Fried Crispy Ginger Pork]

This deep fried ginger pork is incredibly crispy, perfectly golden, and is delicious to pair it with a pint of beer.


Deep Fried Crispy Ginger Pork copy


[Pansuh Chicken]

‘Manok Pansuh’ (chicken traditionally cooked in bamboo) is a Sarawak exotic dish that you can enjoy at The Bikalan. Juicy and tender with aromatic gravy, this dish is best eaten with steaming hot plain rice and paired with a glass of tuak. NYAMAI!


Pansuh Chicken copy


[Fried Tapioca Leaf Belacan]

Andy and Grace grow their own tapioca leaves in their garden. Stir fried with belacan, it is packed with aromatic and savoury flavors.


Fried Tapioca Leaf Belacan copy


[Cangkuk Manis Fried Rice/Fried Bihun Cangkuk Manis/Fried Noodle Dry Kolo Mee]

There are also plenty of fried rice and noodles in the menu. These 3 dishes are delicious and can be paired with any of the recommended dishes above.


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