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[OMG! 皮脆肉嫩的烤豬耶!] @ The Rainbow Bridge

By Ashley Sim May Yee on Apr 12, 2019

Walk into the nostalgic era at this first-of-its-kind vintage bar & restaurant in Kuching where the walls tell a story. A unique dining atmosphere, the entire place is displayed with antiques and curios. Located at the riverfront of Batu Kawa Old Town, this two-storey wooden house was originally a pre-war mansion that had housed hundreds of Hakka families. Mr Tan (owner of The Rainbow Bridge), who initially bought the place as a gift for his mother and also store his collection of antiques. He then changed his mind and decided to turn the place into a bar & restaurant.


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The original beams and columns that were made of “kayu belian” were preserved during the renovation. The ancient floor tiles were kept as well. You can see time-honoured photos adorn the walls, beautiful wood carvings, and vintage items such as a dentist chair and barber chairs that you can sit on and do it for the gram. Priceless antiques are displayed everywhere in the house so do snap away when you’re there.


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The Rainbow Bridge menu boasts a variety of western favorites and umami snacks that are perfect to be paired with a bottle of beer. If you’re looking for alcohol-free drinks, you can try their assorted Bundaberg drinks which are imported from Australia. Recommended food are their lamb chop, chicken chop, and pork belly. This place does not disappoint. What’s more, they even serve tender, juicy, and crisp-skinned roasted suckling pig! Priced at RM350, you’ll have to preorder 1 day in advance.


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