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[Comforting & Tasty Lunch Dishes] @ New Chef’s Delicious Restaurant

By Ashley Sim May Yee on Jul 9, 2019

Be it for simple meals or grand occasions, Chinese restaurants are where friends and families gather to trade stories and feast on delicious dishes that comes smoking off the kitchen. 


Located at Jalan Penrissen, New Chef's Delicious Restaurant has been a perennial favorite among the locals for a hearty and tasty Chinese-style cuisine. The restaurant hosts wedding ceremonies from time to time, and if you'd like a private room for you and your family/friends, they also have plenty of private rooms for the occasion.


Now you are able to order food from New Chef Delicious for lunch without having to drive there. Just call/whatsapp our Teaspoon Delivery today at 011-16938960 and we'll deliver to you in no time! Whatsapp Link:


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The dishes pictured below are what our editor recommends. 


Seafood Imperior Noodle: Noodles are a wonderful replacement for rice as a one-dish meal. Perfect to be eaten for lunch, this dish is aromatic, delicious, and flavorful. 


Seafood Imperior Noodle (1)

Seafood Imperior Noodle (2)


Fish Fillet Noodle: A simple and comforting dish with umami flavors that we are certain will warm your heart. What’s best is that the fish pieces are tender on the inside. 


Fish Fillet Noodle (1)


Besides Seafood Imperior Noodle and Fish Fillet Noodle, you can opt for Pork Ribs Rice, Sweet & Sour Pork Rice, or Yang Zhou Fried Rice too in our Teaspoon Delivery. What are you waiting for? Order today! *Teaspoon Delivery is only available for lunch from Monday to Friday.*


Pork Ribs Rice (1)

Pork Ribs Rice (2)

Sweet & Sour Pork Rice (1)

Yang Zhou Fried Rice (2)

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