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[The Ultimate Guide To Bubble Teas In Kuching! (Part 1)] @ Saradise BDC

By Ashley Sim May Yee on Aug 28, 2019

With so many bubble tea places now in Kuching, where do you go for your bubble tea fix? Let us show you then! Listed in no particular order, we’ve compiled a list of bubble tea places around Saradise BDC. This is part 1. So, don’t forget to give this post a THUMBS UP and SHARE it with your friends & family!


[Kch Milk Tea-01]


- Macao Imperial Tea 澳门皇茶

A brand originated from Macau, “Macao Imperial Tea 澳门皇茶” is the 1st bubble tea shop in Saradise that serves a variety of Taiwanese-inspired drinks ranging from milk tea, fresh fruit tea, and soda drinks. Macao also has their own glass and plastic tumblers which are perfect for collection. Interior-wise, it is brightly lit and every corner of the shop is Insta-worthy; perfect for gathering or dating.


Macao (1)

Macao (2)

Macao (3)

Macao (4)

Macao (5)

Macao (6)

Macao (7)


- Japangi Cafe

Three things about this pink-themed cafe that shout Instagram-worthy: pink chairs, marble tables, and pretty desserts & drinks! A must-try drink is their “Unicorn Pink Boba Milk Tea”. Make sure you Instagram the drink first before devouring it! “Japangi Cafe” also serves delicious “dosirak” (packed meal) which are perfect for lunch or dinner. With so many food & drinks choices, no wonder their tagline is “Count The Memories, Not The Calories”.


Japangi (1)

Japangi (2)

Japangi (3)

Japangi (4)



- The Yunique Tea 御黑堂

A very spacious and brightly lit place, “The Yunique Tea” is known for its “The Yunique Speciality”. It comes with a base of warm and chewy brown sugar pearls. The pearls are then doused with fresh milk, whipping cream, and vanilla ice-cream. As if there wasn’t already enough flavor, the drink is topped with a trio of aromatic roasted black sesame, walnuts, and peanuts.


The Yunique Tea (1)

The Yunique Tea (2)

The Yunique Tea (3)

The Yunique Tea (4)

The Yunique Tea (5)

The Yunique Tea (6)

The Yunique Tea (7)

The Yunique Tea (8)

The Yunique Tea (9)


- Hanada 花田果物

Originated from Taiwan, “Hanada” is known for its colorful fruity drinks. Among its must-try beverages on the menu is the “Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk”, which boasts a robust mix of brown sugar syrup and fresh milk with chewy pearls. Interior-wise, Hanada has a wall full of red roses too which makes it an Instagrammable place. In conjunction with “Hari Merdeka”, Hanada is offering a RM3 discount on any drinks from 19/8/2019 - 31/8/2019.


Hanada (2)

Hanada (3)

Hanada (4)

Hanada (5)


- ICE+ Garden

Recently launched “Bubble Milk Tea Snow Ice”, we’re sure every bubble tea lover will be psyched! Taste-wise, it’s very refreshing. Besides the “Bubble Milk Tea Snow Ice”, “Ice+ Garden” also launched “Brown Sugar Bubble Milk” and “Brown Sugar Grass Jelly Milk”.


Ice Plus Garden (1)

Ice Plus Garden (2)

Ice Plus Garden (3)

Ice Plus Garden (4)

Ice Plus Garden (5)

Ice Plus Garden (6)

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