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[No Ordinary RABBIT w/ Style!] @ Rabbit Rabbit TEA Malaysia

By Ashley Sim May Yee on Nov 25, 2019

Rabbit Rabbit TEA: The Art, Fashion & Tea! Check out the new spot in Kuching to get your weekly tea-sire fix! Now , we are talking about healthy authentic RABBIT RABBIT TEA with a GLOBAL taste. Located at TT3 Commercial Centre, Jalan Canna. Originated from Taiwan, crazily popular in the US. Rabbit Rabbit Tea particularly emphasizes on the quality of their premium tea leaves. Get yourself a World Tour with their eight (8) different types of tea selections, namely Assam Black, English Earl Grey, Golden Jinxuan, Jade Green, Japanese Buckwheat, Tiramisu (don’t doubt its certainly one type of tea~), Mountain Sprout, AND THE MOST EXCLUSIVE NO WHERE YOU CAN GET BUT RRT– BLUE LADY GREY (MUST HAVE!). Every single unique character of the tea, just stand out proudly on their own stage (we actually meant in its stylish cup, wink!)


IMG_7193 copy


Firstly, step in and get amazed by their no ordinary designed, themed after black and yellow. Challenge the 1st ever 3D Rabbit Climbing Hole in Malaysia right here that you really couldn’t missed!  Hop up & down in whichever way that makes you happy and strike that OOTD Instagram-able pose right at the Rabbit Rabbit spot. Perfect place for family and friend’s bonding, gathering or celebration. 


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As an entry, we tried a few of Rabbit Rabbit Tea’s Top Recommended Drinks: Strawberry Milk Foam w/ Brown Sugar & Pearl, Assam Milk Tea, Golden Jinxuan Tea (Hot), Queen of Hearts Mojito (Peach), and Rabbit Signature Fresh Fruits Iced. Certainly, a great pick with the above, and we particularly love the Assam Milk Tea. Well, It’s not the assam fruit if you’re wondering. Brewed from Assam Black Tea leaves, they create a natural sweet aroma, and indeed even richer and smoother when crafted with milk tea. Several toppings are available for selections such as white pearls, coconut jelly, taro, almond pudding, egg pudding, milk foam and etc. 


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IMG_7132 copy

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In conjunction with its Hatch Opening for November 2019,  Zodiac Rabbit gets FREE drink with any purchase, while other zodiacs enjoys 2nd drink for RM1 Only.  Also, Golden Jinxuan tea being “TEA of the month”, fans get to enjoy it in hot or cold, with or without milk at ONLY RM5!


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Lastly, stay tuned with Rabbit Rabbit Tea with it’s upcoming MONTHLY PROMO: RM5 “Tea of the month” for December, and MOST EXCITINGLY THE LIMITED TIME ONLY CHRISTMAS DRINKS! We are TOTALLY EXCITED! LETS CELEBRATE ENDING OF 2019 & BEGINNING OF YEAR 2020 WITH RABBIT STYLE! 

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Rabbit Rabbit TEA Malaysia
Ground Floor, Lot 108 (Survey Lot 3321) TT3 Commercial Centre, Jalan Canna, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak