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Spice up your tastebuds & soul at Mala Party

By Kho Jia Yuan on Dec 3, 2019


 [Mala Party] introducing the taste that 'angmo' didn't know! Mix of China and Local taste, the Foochow tender fermented red vinasse meat, and delicacies from land and sea! More than 50 choices ingredients, served stir fry after quick boiled with more than 40+ homemade herbs & spices! Guaranteed fresh and outstanding! Visit Mala Party and spice up your taste & soul right now!








To satisfy most customers, the thoughtful tauke also introduced a series of combination that allows customers to choose between different levels of "Mala" (Small, Standard and Super). Seafood party and Vegetarian party platter are waiting for you to try out!












So, how to order in [Mala Party]? Just 5 steps to follow~


  1. Pick your favourite foods at the Food corner.
  2. Choose your taste (Garlic herb, Small Mala, Standard Mala, Super Mala, Laksa)
  3. Having your foods weighted and payment
  4. Be patient and serve to table
  5. Enjoy the Party!








Wondering might get 'heaty' after having these “Mala” foods? No worry! with 40+ herbs and spices mixed all together, the heat had been neutralized! Besides, the restaurant provides Eastern and Western herbal tea- Jia Duo Bao Gold and the Tsing Tao Beer! Mala Hotpot and Herbal Tea formed the perfect match!




There is a small granular food, wearing dark brown shirt, skinned light colour, chew slowly and feel the aroma in your mouth, it’s very common but great taste! Find it in the “Mala Hotspot”, only in the [Mala Party]. Mala Party invites everyone to cleanse your soul and taste! It's located in Galacity!




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Mala Party
B-G-15 Gala Street Mall, Gala City, Jalan Tun Jugah,93350, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.