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Good old time with classmate in Tea Can Thin!

By Kho Jia Yuan on Dec 16, 2019

[Tea Can Thin] With free 200 cup of MaMa Bubble Milk Tea!  Full seated everyday! Great news for the customers! A new restaurant in Gala City that you should try!




[Back to the golden age of school life] The theme of the restaurant is based on the concept of Canteen of school, seek your childhood memories here!




[“Icepot” of paradise] “Icepot” with liquid nitrogen(dry ice) is the instagram-worthy food, not only fulfill your taste but for your camera too! Make sure your camera is fully charged, YA! The golden deep fried whole chicken, juicy and tender...Yummy! 









[The Wall Speak For You]. Special words on the wall represents the voice of rebellion and the sweet school memories! Funny, touching, and sweet memories by the words on the wall will definitely let you appreciate about your good old times!




Jio your friends to Tea Can Thin to have a talk about the school memories! Try to finish the big size whole chicken as you can chit chatting and share with friends!





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Tea Can Thin
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