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The food court you’ve definitely been to, with a whole new retro look. The Tun Jugah Food Gallery.

By Admin on Sep 7, 2016

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But first, let us tell you a little about this place, Tun Jugah's The Food Gallery.

Tun Jugah's The Food Gallery

Standing tall in the heart of the cat city, Tun Jugah Shopping Mall, named in honour of the first Sarawakian politician in the Malaysian Parliament, is without doubt a place that is well known among Kuchingites.

Once a shopping paradise, the mall now has one of the most popular bookstores nationwide, Popular Bookstore as one of its main tenants. Being fully equipped and stocked with the latest books and array of stationaries, Popular Bookstore attracts a large traffic of customers daily. Other than the popular bookstore being the main player in the mall, there is also The Food Gallery.

Before it was renamed, the food court was designed as the generic type of food court you could find in any shopping centre of that time. As time went by, the customers are no longer satisfied with just a quick meal, but instead they are looking for an ambient environment to enjoy their meal, to take a break from work, and to recharge themselves after a superb dining experience. Hence after observing and collecting feedbacks from the customers, the management decided to re-vamp the image of their food-court.

The main design idea aims to invoke the feeling of eating street food; at the market, along the five foot way in the old part of town. Instead of using obvious props to re-create this feel, more intangible elements were employed - the silhouette of the concertina grilles allude to the Chinatown shop fronts while the incandescent light tubes is reminiscent of the market at night.

Before renovation




After renovation




After seeing how much has changed, perhaps you may feel that this is more than a re-vamping, perhaps you will feel it is more like a coming of age, from the old typical food court to the modern and fun The Food Gallery.

The Food Gallery offers many different genres of food at very affordable prices. You can find 8 stalls selling different types of foods, including drinks and desserts.



Crispy Chicken


Crispy chicken menu






Dessert menu






Masakan Jawa menu



Mee & Nasi




Mixed Rice

Mee & Nasi 


Nasi Campur



Nasi Campur menu





 Slizzing menu




 Western menu





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