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Life Recipe - The Only Mushroom Themed Vegetarian Restaurant

By Admin on Oct 15, 2016

Life Recipes Vegan Cafe - The Only Mushroom Themed Vegetarian Restaurant


Among all the vegetarian restaurants in Kuching, this is the only restaurant that serves Mushroom as the main theme. It doesn’t matter whether you are a vegetarian or not, you will definitely love the foods here. To start eating healthy, head over to Life Recipes now~~



The owner of Life Recipes is a vegetarian himself, therefore he is very particular to preparing healthy but at the same time, delicious vegetarian food. The owner kept the choices of artificially prepared “vegetarian meat” in his menu to the minimum.


With the choices of vegetarian meat reduced in the menu, the owner used different types of mushrooms to turn them into delicious main courses.


The first dish is the Grilled Mushroom with Rice. The mushroom (Pleurotus Eryngii) is marinated, grilled, and then deep fried twice before serving. This method allows the texture of the mushroom to be remained as crunchy at the exterior and yet remained soft inside. Other than the texture, the juiciness of the mushroom is also locked by the crunchy exterior. The Grilled Mushroom is complemented with a plate of rice that is not one bit as simple as it looks. The rice is cooked with ginger and mushroom, adding textures and flavours to what seemed like an ordinary plate of rice.




The second dish that we would like to present to you is the Curry Crispy Butter Mushroom. This deep fried mushroom is rinsed with curry sauce but can still remain very crunchy with all the generous sauce all over the mushrooms. The curry sauce is slightly salty, which makes it a perfect companion for another bowl of rice to keep you full.




Next is the French Fries Pizza. Yep, French Fries Pizza. Not Pizza with French Fries as the sides, but the French Fries are the base of the pizza, replacing the conventional pizza dough. A lot of cheese is needed to form the french fries pizza base. Therefore as you take the first bite, you’ll feel both adventuring yet familiar taste on your palate.



Another dish that you must try is the Crispy Life Burger. Despite not being made with actual meat, this burger is oddly SATISFYING… The patty is made with soy bean’s fibre, producing a rather similar texture to that of actual meat.



The owner said their Honeydew Mango Milk is the most celebrated drink of the place, so of course we have to try them and tell you how special it is. The drink is made with zero sugar, and the sugar is replaced with honey and fructose. Offering you a flavourful yet healthy drink to compliment your meal.



Life Recipes offers not only main courses, but they also offer you delicious cakes. The cakes are not overly sweet, yet the flavours are so rich that you will crave for another slice. And we are not one bit exaggerating when we said that.



What are you waiting for? Visit Life Recipes today!!




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Life Recipes Vegan Cafe
No.166, Bormil Estate, Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, 93250 Kuching, Sarawak.