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Kota Samarahan Food Guide

By Admin on Oct 17, 2016

Started off being one of the districts of Kuching, Samarahan is now an independent district of its own. Samarahan started off being a small fishing village, but it is now known as the education hub of Sarawak, or the “Town of Knowledge”.


But, did you know that other than a number of higher education and medical facilities, Samarahan is also a food heaven? You do? That’s great!! If you don’t, Teaspoon is here to enlighten you…


We prepared a link of a Google Map ( for your reference. Or you can click on the Related Restaurants to get to the places.


Hawker Stalls @ Samarahan Jetty (Halal):

The Jetty is very lively not only in morning and evening, but throughout the day. Along the jetty are various food stalls selling light snacks such as Kuih Pisang (Deep Fried Banana), Keropok Lekor (Malay Fish Cracker Snack), Satays, Nasi Lemak (Coconut Milk Rice), and many more.





Kafe Oten (Halal):

Kafe Oten, a café that offers delicious, large portion, and affordable food. To get to Kafe Oten, you would need to take the old road heading to the Samarahan jetty.



There are plenty of items on the menu, but we tasted a few to be sure they taste nice, and they tastes… amazing!


Operating Hours: 7am to 10.30pm daily



G Coffee @ Desa Ilmu (Halal):

G Coffee is a small container café selling super large cups of drinks that will definitely satisfy your thirst. Be sure to try the Green Tea flavor because that one seems to be most popular there.



Operating Hours: 12pm to 8 pm (Monday to Thursday); 2pm to 10pm (Friday); 12pm to 10 pm (Saturday); 12pm to 8pm (Sunday)



Verano Food Court @ Summer Mall (Halal):



Operating Hours: 10am to 10pm daily



Curry Mixed Pork Rice @ Desa Ilmu (Non-Halal):

Opposite Summer Mall is the Siang Siang Corner, and the one thing that all student of the nearby universities love is this.



This dish is famous for its large portion. Some may even say it’s enough for 2 meals.



Nasi Ayam Penyet @ Desa Ilmu (Halal):

Opposite Siang Siang Corner is a Malay kopitiams offering many different variety of local food. But we will introduce this Ayam Penyet first.



The stall is located at the outside, not the ones inside the kopitiam.



Hawker Stall @ Desa Ilmu (Halal):


The following 3 foods are located at the same area, the roadside stalls are at the junction opposite of Summer Mall

1. Nasi Abe (Halal):



2. Penang Laksa (Halal):



3. Putu Piring (Halal):
Be sure to be early for this, otherwise you will leave the place with empty hands.



Putu Piring's Operating Hours: 4.30pm until sold out (around 6.30pm or earlier)



Sumoado Coconut Shake @ Desa Ilmu (Halal):

Where to find the best Coconut Shake in Samarahan? Sumoado!!



Operating Hours: 12pm to 6.15pm



My Planet Tomyam @ Desa Ilmu (Halal):
Among the many cafes, kopitiams, restaurants, and food courts, I believe that this place has the best Tomyam Soup.




Rumah Asap Dayak @ Samarindah (Non-Halal):

If you’re new to Sarawak, then you need to be here for the best Dayak cuisine. Rumah Asap Dayak consists of many stalls selling Dayak foods such as Dayak BBQ, Pansuh, and many more.



Every stalls have their own specialty. Which stall is nicer? I’d say all of them…



Operating Hours: 4pm to 12am



Soon Hoon Café @ Samarindah (Non-Halal):
If you’re looking for Chinese food and have a lot of hungry friends, bring them here. You’ll satisfy each and every one of them




Café Station 9 @ Uni Square (Non-Halal):
The Kolo of this place is nice, but sadly it ran out by the time we reached there. But luckily this place has a lot of other delicious foods.




Joy Food Café @ Uni Square (Non-Halal):

The Kolo Mee of this place is also amazing. One of my favourite is to order the Mix Pork Soup and a bowl of Kolo Mee





Roadside Burger & Nasi Lemak Stall @ Uni Square (Halal):



Operating Hours: 6pm to 11.30pm (Sunday OFF)



Uni Café @ Uni Garden (Non-Halal):

If you’re craving for western food, you don’t have to drive all the way to Kuching city centre, there’s this humble café offering you cheap and delicious Western Food.


They also have plenty other stir-fried food on the menu so western



Operating Hours: 5pm to 10pm



Roadside Kolo Mee @ Samarahan – Kuching Expressway (Non-Halal):

On the Expressway back to city centre, some of you might notice a rather old building on the roadside. But how many of you know that they also have amazing Kolo Mee and other Stir Fried here?



If the weather is hot, or you want to try something refreshing, order a cup of Iced Lemon Special.




Operating Hours: 5am to 1pm