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【Kuching Top 10 Breakfast!】

By Admin on Oct 27, 2016

【Kuching Top 10 Breakfast!】


Breakfast! The most important meal of the day! But it is also the hardest decision of the day! What to eat? Where to eat? We listed out 10 types of breakfast to help you start the day!!

1. Chong Choon Cafe Poh Lam Laksa


When you step into the place, you will notice bowls and bowls of Laksa being served non-stop and there is definitely at least one bowl of Sarawak Laksa on each table. This is a solid proof that Poh Lam Laksa is one of the best Laksa in Kuching.



Location: Jalan Abell (Next to Digi Specialised Store)

Operating Hours: 6am to 12pm


2. Oriental Park Kolo Mee



Being labelled by many as one of the best Kolo Mee in town, this is a place that you must go for breakfast in Kuching.


Location: Lorong Gertak (near Open Air Market)

Operating Hours: 7am to 12pm Daily


3. Choon Hui Cafe Popiah & Toast


Other than Sarawak Laksa, the Popiah and the simple Toast of Choon Hui Cafe is also one of the favourite choice of breakfast for Kuchingites! Then, order a cup of freshly brewed Kopi O, mmm...hmmm! Heavenly!


Location: Jalan Ban Hock (near Grand Continental Hotel)

Operating Hours: 6am to 2pm (Monday OFF)


4. Chong Chon Biscuit Maker

With over 45 years of experience making puff and pastries, the taukenio of the place was the first person to bring authentic Hong Kong puffs to Kuching.


Location: Kai Joo Lane

Operating Hours: 9am to 5pm Daily


5. Sin Kwang Foochow Big Bun


What’s better for breakfast other than meat bun that is almost as big as the size of your palm? Although let’s agree that for some of you it’s bigger than your palm…


Location: Jalan Pandungan

Operating Hours: 7.45am to 9pm (Sunday OFF)


6. Mohammad Lim Kolo Mee


If you’re looking for Halal Kolo Mee, then this is the place to go to. They are even featured by Tea FM!


Location: Shoplot behind Riverside Majestic Hotel

Operating Hours: 6am to 12pm


7. Lau Ya Geng Kueh Chap


If you’re craving for a good bowl of Kueh Chap, then you’ve come to the right place.


Location: Jalan Carpenter

Operating Hours: 5am to 9pm (Kueh Chap stall during the day & night is operated by different people)


8. Mee Jawa Rabak


If you still haven’t heard of this place, you now know where to go for breakfast tomorrow. Seriously. Try the Mee Jawa here (and order the Mee Jawa Special). And… be patient.


Location: Jalan Main Bazaar

Operating Hours: 7am to 12pm


9. Abee Traditional Bun


Different flavours of baked buns and steamed buns for breakfast? Sounds good to me!


Location: Jalan Pandungan

Operating Hours: 7.30am to 6pm


10. Open Air Market Sio Bee


The best Sio Bee in Kuching? Yes! Sio Bee and Fresh Soya Milk for breakfast is the best combination for non-big eaters.


Location: Jalan Power

Operating Hours: 24 hours


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