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【A Different Kind of Lounge】Score Karaoke & Lounge

By Admin on Oct 27, 2016

【A Different Kind of Lounge】Score Karaoke & Lounge


After a long day of work, don’t you want to find a place to just drink and relax...? But the question is go where?



How about a place where you can sing, drink, play, and eat delicious Western food? If you think that lounge don’t serve nice Western food, we are here to prove you wrong.


Teaspoon introduces you, Score Karaoke & Lounge! Your weekend nights will never be the same again!


The lounge is located at Tabuan Jaya, next to Giant Hypermarket. Other than having extraordinary sound system, pool table, darts machines, and, of course, beers, Score Karaoke & Lounge also offer their customer delicious Western cuisines.


That’s why, even if you don’t take alcoholic drinks, you are also most welcomed to try out the Western dishes here! The Western dishes here are cheaper compared to some other restaurants.


Here are some of their signature dishes! First up is the Grilled Lamb Chop (RM20).



The cook marinated the lamb for at least one day in order to let the lamb absorb the most of the marinates. The Grilled Lamb is rinsed with a special black pepper sauce with a twitch. The sauce, other than the black pepper is a slightly sourly taste that just increase your appetite as you eat it. We did not get much on the special ingredient to prepare the sauce, but the cook told us it has something to do with garlic? Other than being fascinated by the sauce, the large portion also amazes us.


Next is the Grilled Chicken Chop (RM16)



Similar to the lamb, the chicken is also marinated for at least one day before cooking. And of course the special sauce also made it to this dish. However, the amazing thing is that despite being rinsed with the sauce, the skin of the Chicken Chop remains kinda crispy. The chicken meat is also very juicy and tender!


Then we have the Mixed Grilled RM 28.00



The Mixed Grill consists of Chicken Chop, Jumbo Sausage, and Steak. Similarly, the steak is also marinated for at least one whole day before cooking. The steak is also tender and the fragrance of the beef becomes more and more strong as you chew. Heavenly!


The one dish that goes really well with your beer is of course Deep Fried Pork Belly (RM12)



Fresh pork belly is used and is marinated for at least two days. When served, the Pork Belly comes with a special sauce for dipping, Belacan sauce that has a very slight hint of sweetness. When you dip the Pork Belly into the Belacan sauce, you get a harmony of spiciness, saltiness, and sweetness, then you take a sip of beer… It just couldn’t get any better than this.


By the way, If you join as Score Karaoke & Lounge’s member is the Loyalty Rewards section of the Teaspoon mobile apps, you can get 10% OFF for all the food items we recommended above!



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Score Karaoke & Lounge
Private Lot 9, Tabuan Tranquility, Kuching Kota Samarahan Express Way, 93350 Kuching.