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【RM0.30 Chicken Rice… Ball】Absolute Melacca

By Admin on Nov 1, 2016

RM0.30 Chicken Rice… BallAbsolute Melacca 


When people thought of Chicken Rice in Kuching, the first thing in their mind is either Steamed Chicken Rice or Roasted Chicken Rice. However, did you know that you can also enjoy delicious Malacca Chicken Rice Ball here in Kuching?


Just head over to Absolute Melacca situated at Jalan Setia Raja, Opposite One TJ.


The head chef has over 20 years of experience in cooking and is still very passionate in it. This is also why he is constantly trying out new dishes and elevating his dishes from time to time in order to prepare the best for the customers. He listens to his customers and is constantly improving his dishes so that they can fit the taste of the locals better.


Other than Chicken Rice Ball, they also have plenty of other dishes on the menu, and we will, of course, introduce you some of their signature dishes! But first, let’s still start off with their Chicken Rice Ball (Steamed/Roasted)



Chicken rice shaped into a ball and you have the chicken rice ball, and this causes the chicken rice to be denser and packed than the conventional chicken rice. If you’re not a fan of eating chicken rice this way, then you can also order the normal chicken rice which is also on the menu.


The steamed chicken is tender and juicy, but at the same time the sesame oil is not as heavy as you might expect. So if you’re not a fan of sesame oil then I’m sure you’ll love the steamed chicken here as much as I do.


The BBQ Chicken Rice is slightly on the sweet side of the meter, but it is also very juicy and tender!



Next is the Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng



The extra layer of banana leaf presented along the dish adds a very slight hint of fragrance to the rice that is already rich with the scent of coconut milk. The sambal, being slightly sweet and not so spicy, is very welcomed among those who are not a fan of spiciness but still loves sambal. Other than fried chicken, you can also choose from chicken curry, masak hitam, and masak merah.


Then we are served with the Curry Mee Soup.



The soup is cooked for 45 minutes at the minimum and is then added with large amount of spices and lemongrass before being served to the customer. The coconut milk in the soup is very, very rich! The soup is very fragrant and yet at the same time not very spicy. The noodles for this curry mee uses the “yellow noodle” hence it is very smooth when mixed with the curry soup.


Next on the table is the Chicken Floss Century Egg Tofu.



This dish may look simple, with the chicken floss and century egg on top on a simple looking tofu… WRONG! This dish looks simple but taste extraordinary. For those of you who are afraid of underseasoned tofu, you can take a bite with confidence! The tofu really acts very well along with a plate of rice, or chicken rice in this case.


Then is there Fried Kueh Tiao.



This kueh tiao is prepared with a slightly similar style to Penang style fried kueh tiao, although not exactly the same as the taste is modified to suit the locals better.


Other than the Chicken Floss Century Egg Tofu, you can also try the Curry Chicken if you’re looking for a side to go along your main course.


The chicken curry is also cooked for approximately 45 minutes before it is served, and yet the chicken meat can still remain very firm and tender.


The other sides that we would like to recommend is the Sambal Mixed Beans.



If you’re familiar with a dish called “Four Emperors” or “Four Kings”, this is pretty much the same dish, just one type of beans short.


If you're craving for Malacca Chicken Rice Balls, just come to Absolute Melacca now!!



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