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【Kuching Vietnamese Cuisine】Nam Nam Cafe

By Admin on Nov 8, 2016

【Kuching Vietnamese Cuisine】Nam Nam Cafe


What is your impression on Vietnamese food? What is the first food that appears in your head when we say Vietnamese food? Pho? Spring Roll? Drip Coffee? Banh Mi? Or you have absolutely no idea what and how Vietnamese food taste like?


There’s not much choices for Vietnamese food in Kuching, which is why I can understand if you’re not familiar with Vietnamese food. Which is why we want to introduce this Vietnamese restaurant located at Jalan Song to help you understand Vietnamese Cuisine better.


I’m sure most of you noticed this humble Vietnamese cuisine restaurant, Nam Nam Cafe, and I’m pretty sure not much of you dared to step into the door and try out the food. And after this introduction, I’m very sure you will try their food…  


The cooks are from Vietnamese, therefore the foods served are very authentic. The cooks are very particular in the preparation of the dishes, from the ingredients, to the seasonings, and the presentation. This is because the owner wants Kuchingites to try the best of Vietnamese foods here in Kuching.


The most common Vietnamese food is the pho, which is why we must start off with their Pho Tai Nam (Pho Beef Steak Slices and Brisket Slices).


The soup base of the pho is simmered for 8 hours before serving using the bones to ensure all those fragrance is absorbed by the soup. Beef slices are put on top of the pho, and the bowl of pho is then rinsed with the hot soup. The pho is so rich that you can taste the beef in every bite you take.


When you are served, you’ll also be given a small plate of taugeh and some green leafs, what you need to do is to add in the plate of sides into the your pho. If you’re a fan of spicy food, then you can also pour in the chilli sauce which will make the pho even more fragrant!


If you cannot take beef, you can also try their Hu Tiew Heo (Pork Noodle Soup)



The soup is also cooked using the bones for roughly 1 hour before serving. Carrots, Radish, and some herbs are included when cooking the soup, allowing the soup to be rich of flavours of pork and at the same time producing a light soup due to the vege and herbs. Slices of pork and meatballs are served together in this dish.


Just like the beef pho, you also need to add in the sides into the soup before eating. Unless of course you’re not a fan of bean sprouts and the herbs prepared.


Other than pho, you can also try their Com Suon Nuong (Grilled Pork Chop Rice).



With the dish are pork chops, delicious and juicy pork chops. Other than that there is also a piece of cake that is made using duck’s egg, pork meat, black fungus, and sweet potatoes. A sour and spicy sauce that comes along with the dish is to be dipped with the pork chop, which will blast open your appetite due to its sour taste.


One other rice dish that we also recommend is the Ga Chien (Crispy Chicken Rice).



The dish comes with a grilled chicken thigh meat that is crispy on the outside and tender in the inside. Accompanied by the specially made fish sauce, you can feel the sweet and spicy of the dish stimulating your taste buds. This dish is also their new food on the menu.


Other than main course, you can also find Vietnam street snacks here at Nam Nam Cafe!


Did you know that the use of Baguette in Vietnamese Cuisine is due to the influence of French when they were invaded? You can also try such dishes here! Which is why we recommends you the Banh Mi Thjt Nuong (Grilled Pork Baguette)



Crispy baguette filled with delicious pork chops and green salads, my goodness! It is almost impossible to describe the deliciousness of this dish! You must also add the Sriracha Sauce to further elevate the dish! But you might want to go easy on the sauce as it is really spicy.


Spring rolls is also one of the most common street snacks in Vietnam, which is why it can be found in every Vietnamese restaurants. Goi Cuon (Fresh Spring Rolls with Prawns & Pork) is another that you must try!



A lot is wrapped in this little spring roll, including vermicelli, shrimp, scallion, basil, leeks and more! The skin of the spring roll is made using glutinous rice, and is rolled so thin that you can see the ingredients inside the spring roll.


Dip the spring roll into the sauce very generously and take another generous bite! Satisfaction guaranteed.


Next is the Banh Xeo (Crispy Crepe).


Wrapped in between the crepe are pork slices, bean sprouts, shrimps, and different types of herbs. The best way to enjoy this dish is to cut it into small pieces, use the basil leaves to wrap them, then dip inside the sauce before eating.


Another snack that you must try is the Banh Khot (Mini Pancakes with Prawns).



Similar to the crepe, the most authentic way of eating the pancakes is to wrap them with the basil leaves and dip it in the sauce.


Lastly is the Goi Bap Chuoi Tom Thjt (Banana Blossom Salad with Prawns & Pork)



This dish is a very light salad made from the banana blossom and mixed with pork slices, shrimp, peanuts, and peppermint leaves. Before you eat, you need to rinse the sauce that comes along with the dish in order to add a different layer of flavour to the light and refreshing salad.


Other than the foods, we of course need to try their drip coffee, Ca Phe Den (Hot Black Coffee)



The coffee may be slightly heavy for non coffee lovers, but you can ask for a cup of ice to pour the coffee into, hence making the coffee more diluted. Personally, I LOVE this coffee!


If you’re already feeling like trying Vietnamese food, head over to Nam Nam Cafe now!


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