【The Romantic「Darling Pot」NEW Steamboat Treats 】With 1st Anniversary Promotion!

By Jing Yi on Sep 4, 2017

The Romantic steamboat restaurant is back with new treats for you! ♡(─‿‿─)♡ The restaurant that introduced the meat-made rose is now introducing new menu items for you. On top of that, because its their one-year anniversary, they have an amazing o

【Jim’s Recipe】Yellow Cake Grand Opening PROMOTION!

By Jing Yi on Aug 18, 2017

Famous for their traditional taste Yellow Cake or Egg Cake around West Malaysia, they are finally here in Kuching! This is actually their 38th store, so to get so famous, of course its good lah~ Their「Original Traditional Yellow Cake」is baked fresh.

【RM3.30 Chicken Rice! Where? At The BanQuet!】

By Jing Yi on Aug 15, 2017

The BanQuet is offering a LUNCH PROMOTION. For just RM3.30, you can get Chicken Rice that will fill up your stomach! This is included UNLIMITED Chicken Feet Soup and Curry Vegetables, completely FOC! Want to know how to buy a Suspended Chicken Rice fo

The Sushi King Special Buffet is FINALLY Here!!

By L3Dah on Apr 17, 2017

I believe all of you sushi lovers asked the same question when we first heard of the Sushi King Buffet at KK, WHY Kuching dont have one~~~???!. Well, it is finally our turn!! And this crazy unlimited sushi King Buffet promotionbegins today! From today (1

The Latest Promo from Teaspoon, TeaDay is here!!

By L3Dah on Apr 4, 2017

The LATEST and CRAZIEST promo from Teaspoon is here! TeaDay is here!! TeaDay is offering you a chance to enjoy delicious foods from different restaurants every day, with crazy offers ranging from 10% to 50%, and some even up to 100%!!! Of course, TC appl