What to eat in Kuching Fest 2016? Part 1!

By Admin on Jul 27, 2016

Go Kuching Festival eat what.........? Here's some preview!!!!

The First COC Themed Cafe in Kuching is now OPEN!!!!

By Admin on Jul 20, 2016

Invite your clan members and come to Clash One Cafe to play COC and enjoy its great foods!!

The latest feature of Teaspoon, NEWS FEED is here!

By Admin on Jul 1, 2016

Be sure to read until the end because there is good ‘kangtao’ waiting for you~~

Ramadhan Promotions and Opening Hours Adjustment

By Admin on Jun 16, 2016

Still deciding to go to which Ramadhan bazaar or buffet? Here are some more restaurants to help you decide.

10 Most Recommended Ice Desserts in Kuching!

By Admin on Apr 30, 2016

When you can't stand the heat any more, it’s time to treat yourself to some phenomenal ice desserts!